Other Ten Percent 6/30/10

Jun 30 2010

Okay so the slogan was “okay internet, tell me something new” which I found out by listening to the podcast here. Also I added a bunch of new stuff to Google Reader so let’s welcome some new sources today.

*Crime* *Comics*
Cat-Masked Robber Ensures That Her “Wanted” Poster Will Go Viral Immediately
Catwoman has really let herself go.

*Infographics* *Complexity*
Great Visualizers: Always with Honor
Would you like to see a massive chart on the different types of design? No? Then why are you even reading this thing?

*Dogs* *Amazing Things*
OMG Adorbz of the Day
This actually trumps “pug pushing a stroller” for the best pug related thing I have ever seen.

*Secrets* *Design*
Secret Stash: Everyday Objects with Hiding Places
Hooray for secret compartments!

*Music* *Animals*
What Kind of Music do Dogs Enjoy Listening to? Science has the Answer
Thanks again science!

*Science* *Television*
What Kind of Bird is Big Bird? A Scientist Explains
Well thank God because that was a mystery that was haunting my dreams.

*Paper* *Computers*
Programmable Origami
Just let how weird that is sink in for a few seconds.

*Art* *Just Art*
I like this, it is pretty.

*Science* *Hackerspaces*
BioCurious: a Hackerspace for BioTech
No but seriously, try coming up with a good new sci-fi concept that isn’t obsolete within six months.

*Architecture* *Swimming*
Skypark Swimming Pool
I like that they intentionally make this extra terrifying with the false edge.

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