Other Ten Percent 6/29/10

Jun 29 2010

Hey so I did that radio thing with Liz. There will be a podcast of that later and then I will get it to you guys. Liz said something that I was going to make my official introduction for Other Ten Percent but then I forgot it so hopefully I will remember what it is after I listen to the podcast and remember how much I hate the sound of my own voice. Hey look, internets-

*Video Games* *Art*
Game Play, NYC’s Premiere Videogame Theater Festival, Opens Next Week
If I have one goal for Other Ten Percent it is probably to become rich and famous and never have to do anything else ever again. But if I have one REASONABLE goal it is probably to put Video Games and Art together as much as possible until it actually becomes known to Roger Ebert and pisses him off.

*Music* *Computers*
Album Composed by Algorithmic Swarms
I wrote a short story where a character was trying to do something like this to compose chiptunes music. It’s amazing how fast science-fiction becomes outdated.

*Music* *History*
Devo Frontman: “I Smoked Angel Dust with Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol”
There is no part of that title I don’t love.

*Art* *Ads*
Scampd: Contemporary Advertising Illustration
Pretty late stage capitalism.

*Animals* *Facial Hair*
Female Fish Like Guys that Sport a Stache
I am torn between hipster jokes and Burt Reynolds jokes here so let’s just assume I made one and it was funny.

*Animals* *Sports*
Screw the World Cup, Cat Weightlifting is the Sport of the 21st Century
Oh hey a crazy game idea, guess which country came up with it? Hint: it is obviously Japan.

*San Francisco* *The Internet*
Boing Boing Picnic in San Francisco, July 10th
Okay we’re going to cling remora like to this BoingBoing meet up and make it a Other Ten Percent meet up too.

*Architecture* *Castles*
Exploring An Empty Mansion: The Grounds
What’s the content of this post? I don’t even know I just saw a Scounting NY thing and copy pasted it.

*Business Cards* *Functionality*
TAM Cargo
It’s a business card that turns into a box you guys!

*Animals* *Also, Other Animals*
Lobster Dogs
Finally, funny outfits have realized a dream that mankind has never managed to achieve through genetic engineering. Also more evidence that all dogs look put-upon when you put them in outfits.

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