Other Ten Percent 6/28/10

Jun 28 2010

I am doing Liz’s radio show again today on pirate cat radio and I will be talking about a lot of old Other Ten Percent posts. If you have some free time at 2pm Pacific today you can listen to us constantly screw things up for two hours over here. Oh also, I am thinking of switching up the Twitter feed a little to make it more original content or something. Maybe 140 character reviews of albums/TV/Movies? I dunno, let me know what you think.

*Games* *The Future*
The Curfew: Edugame About Fighting the Surveillance Society
Really awesome trailer for this thing.

*Music* *History*
I’m glad that we can finally feel comfortable talking about how weird Michael Jackson was again.

*History* *Death*
What Caused the World’s Largest Dinosaur Graveyard?
ME! Okay that was for Rachel. Anyway the actual answer is good too.

*History* *Cars*
Restored Edison Electric Car from 1889
Tesla made a better electric car but then covered it all up.

*Movies* *Averted Tragedy*
The Worst Movies Never Made
I would have actually gone to see the Beatles LotR movies.

*Politics* *Awesome*
Icelander’s Campaign is a Joke, Until He’s Elected
Okay he calls his party The Best Party and refuses to form a coalition government with anybody who hasn’t watched all 5 seasons of The Wire. Can we make this guy president?

*Disney World* *Video Games*
Adventurer’s Club From Walt Disney World Recreated in Painstaking Detail with Half-Life Engine
I will take every oppurtunity I can find to be angry that they closed the Adventurer’s Club and this is the most fun opportunity so far.

*History* *Music*
Dead Media Beat: Dead Electronic Musical Instruments
Meet the 19th century inventor that barely missed inventing the telephone and created a weird early electronic instrument.

*Videos* *Star Wars*
AT-AT Day Afternoon
Awwwww I want an AT-AT for a pet.

*Neurology* *Linguistics*
Seeing Languages Differently
The Russians differentiate between shades of blue better than us, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

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