Other Ten Percent 5/24/13

May 24 2013

So I like today’s date because it uses all five of the first five digits but doesn’t use any of them sequentially. Maybe let’s have a holiday for that instead of a terrible Star Wars pun? Great, I’m sure that’ll go super well since I gave everybody so much lead time. Anyway making videos for Jane’s party has turned into a full on obsession where I’ve GOT TO have visual accompaniment for the whole album.

Today I made a video for Beyond using clips from the Indiana Jones movies. A video for album opener Give Life Back to Music using Daft Punk clips to get people into party mode. A video for the nine minute track Giorgio using biographical footage of Giorgio Moroder and a two minute loop of disco video I didn’t realize I was looping because it came from an 8 minute video that didn’t tell me it was looping it but screw it it works. A video for Get Lucky using the first four Michael Jackson videos to confirm it’s a lost Michael Jackson song. A video for Fragments of Time That’s just four 80s title sequences back to back that, depressingly, works better than any of the videos I spent hours editing. And a video for balls crazy closing track Contact using footage of NASA’s moon missions along with every single stargate/wormhole/Warp-Drive/Time Vortex clip I could find on youtube.

Along with the two videos I already made and two videos other people have helpfully provided for Lose Yourself to Dance and Game of Love that means I just need to figure out what I’m doing with Within, Motherboard, and Touch. I thought I was on to something with making a video for Touch using clips from Phantom of the Paradise since they both feature Paul Williams vocals and wild tonal shifts but it turns out that’s some Lovecrafian level nightmare fuel and should not be attempted by mortals lest ye be driven mad. I’m taking a break from video making tomorrow to finish my spec script for May and let ideas percolate for the last three videos but I’m now DETERMINED to have all the videos I need before the party Saturday night.

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