Other Ten Percent 6/25/10

Jun 25 2010

Man you guys, I have been watching Party Down and Deadwood lately and they are both pretty damn rad my friends. Pre-tty damn RAD. Welcome to Friday by the way, let’s see what internet we’ve got going for it.

*Reading* *Neuroscience*
The Amazing – Animated – Story of the Writer Who Couldn’t Read
Brain science is weird gentleman. Super weird.

*Parks* *New York*
New Section of the High Line
Man why did I never go to High Line park before it was turned into a poorly rendered early 90’s dystopia.

*Science Fiction* *History*
What Did we Think Was at the Center of the Galaxy?
Man I love roundup posts of crazy specific stuff.

*Water* *Art*
Japanese Wave-Shaping Machine
Japan, what can’t you do?

*Architecture* *News*
REX’s Museum Plaza Back From Dead?
I have no idea what any of this is about but I really like the picture.

*Art* *Movies*
An Artist Who’s Done Breathtaking Work for Some of the Year’s Most Forgettable Movies
Man look how much better these movies could have been.

*Science* *Sound*
Physical Output Device for Spectrum Analyzer
Man this looks awesome.

*Movies* *Pop Music*
Debbie Gibson, Tiffany to battle in Syfy movie
That is actually true and therefore amazing.

*Abandoned Buildings* *Creepy Things*
Hidden In An Abandoned Orphanage
Nothing good is ever hidden in an abandoned orphanage.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton did comics again and so now I’m blogging about it.

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