Other Ten Percent 3/30/10

Mar 30 2010

I spent most of the afternoon doing something that’s press embargoed and now that this is actually going out on the internet I have to be “that guy” and not tell you what it is until tomorrow. It really isn’t that impressive or anything, I’m just afraid of breaking rules. Anyway that took up a lot of my day along with outlining my lecture for the Aesthetics class. It’s about the aesthetics of sound so unfortunately my dream of doing a lecture entirely with lolcats is as of yet unfulfilled. Anyway, here are links.

*Governance* *The Internet*
Repeal the _ Amendment!
As mentioned in the comments, I love that nobody has a problem with the ninth amendment. Somebody’s gotta be against granting the people all rights not specifically enumerated in the constitution. Oh well, why repeal it when you can just pay no attention to it I guess.

*Architecture* *Dead People*
Quick Links 9
Man, every single part of the story about the African American burial ground under a train depot in Queens is crazy-go-nuts.

*History* *Alcohol*
English Drunkards of the Early 20th Century
Best name for a saturday morning cartoon ever?

*Architecture* *New York*
Inside the Clocktower
My esoteric fascination with buildings that used to be the tallest building in New York but now are barely in the running continues.

*Literature* *Mild Insanity*

Winner Announced for World’s Oddest Book Title Award
All the top contenders would great make band names. But the winner, Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes sounds like a lost Neutral Milk Hotel album.

*New York* *Homelessness*
In Times Square, One Last Homeless Holdout
I am torn between wanting this guy to receive proper professional care and thinking that he is incredibly awesome.

*Politics* *Awesome*
Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things
This year’s best meme mutation yet.

*Robots* *Religion*
Video of Robot Passover Seder
Can someone more religiously minded than me tell me what this implies about the likelihood of the robot revolution?

*Video Games* *Art*
Impressive Work: Mario And Peach Sculpture In The Style of Michelangelo’s ‘La Pietà‘
Oh man this thing is pure comedy gold, and also maybe the saddest Mario fan work I’ve ever seen.

Webcomics Roundup
Over in Dinosaur Comics, Utahraptor incurs God’s wrath, such as it is.

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