Other Ten Percent 5/20/13

May 20 2013

So my good friend Jane St. John is holding a party this weekend based off of the new Daft Punk album that’s pretty fantastic. The problem is however that because of Daft Punk’s incredibly canny marketing scheme there’s actually very little visual material to have playing on a monitor while the party is going on. Jane and I kicked around a few ideas for things earlier in the week but while I was re-listening to the album this morning I was struck by a really good idea for what to do with Instant Crush. Here is a music video for it featuring footage from a bunch of racing videogames.

Later this week I’ll add links to the multiple very cool youtube channels that post replays of old games that I used to find the footage for this (If anybody ends up watching this I’ll probably replace it all with footage I take myself as well so as to feel like less of a jerk) but for now I’ve been working on this for a few hours straight and I’m actually pretty tired. Depending on the reaction this gets I’ll either do a similar thing for Wednesday or I’ll do something totally different.

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