Other Ten Percent 5/17/13

May 17 2013

So yeah once again I’m not really coming up with a whole lot of content to talk about that wasn’t covered by one of my earlier meta-textual rants. I feel like I’m the long, rambling monologue equivalent of a Stand-Up that’s grabbed all the low hanging fruit and now has to either really dig down deep in order to find some fresh material buried somewhere inside or just like…become Dane Cook. So instead I’m going to quit.

Wait, no, that probably makes it sound like I’m quitting.

I’m actually just quitting trying to force this one specific issue See I like the long 1500 word posts because it lets OTP become an experimental dumping ground for me to try out some things I’d like to be doing but have no real impetus to do in another area of my life since nobody’s paying me to expound on what’s wrong with the critical reactions to a movie I haven’t actually seen yet.

(Side note: I have seen it now and I actually feel kinda bad for critics since I walked out aware the movie didn’t work but totally unable to articulate exactly why. Blaming a random actor or Luhrman not being as good at English Lit at me would have been tempting if I was on a 12 hour deadline to rate the whole damn thing. Huh…maybe I should write 1500 words on how I wish critics could just say “damned if I know” more often.)

Just like the coding/site design experiments I was doing last summer though once I figured out what I generally wanted to do with that class of object OTP stopped being the best place to keep making it and I fizzled out. I can already kinda feel that happening here as well where the urge to just find a new thing to that lets me talk about the unexamined meta-conversation going on every other day is starting to have diminishing returns. Instead of trying to dig out as much content as I can in the same vein I’m going to just have OTP go even weirder.

Off format experiments seemed to work fairly well so let’s see how off format we can get here. Prepare for me to screw around with video on here. Prepare for me to bring back a the coding experiments when I think they’re going to work. Prepare for me to send ACTUAL PICTURES in this e-mail like it’s the year 1998 or something. I’m not going to ask everybody to let me know what’s really working for them since I know people like to catch up all at once some times and sometimes they skip days but if this starts annoying you so much you’re thinking of unsubscribing please let me know that first so I can change things up.

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