Other Ten Percent 5/16/13

May 16 2013

So I don’t have a lot to say besides that I really like the new Vampire Weekend album. Turns out they only needed to turn down the world music reappropriation bullshit like 20% before I found Ezra Koenig a charming, clever lyricist. Somehow I don’t think going on about that for 1500 words is really going to interest you guys. That’s okay though because I’m sort of realizing me not having 1500 words in me two days a week is probably to be expected when I’m spending those days locked in an office trying to write fiction. I could abandon that plan or half ass it on Tuesday and Thursday every week but instead I think I’m going to scale back slightly and just have big old posts on a M/W/F schedule. Way way back in the dark ages when I was still entering peoples e-mail addresses into gMail for this like some sort of monkey that was the schedule. Then I found I needed the warmup 5 days a week so maybe it’ll drift back to that but for now OTP seems more like an exercise in organizing a bunch of disperate things that have been flying across my desk and my writing warm-ups have shifted to other things, things that actually pay me money on occasion. So what I’m saying is that you’re getting a short entry today but don’t worry because there’ll be a lot on Friday again and then we’ll hopefully settle into a nice groove next week.

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