Other Ten Percent 6/24/10

Jun 24 2010

The iPhone 4 comes out today. I am sure we are all buying 3. I am just kidding only Jane is buying one due to a complex insurance fraud scheme that consisted of us going out to an 8-bit show and losing her phone and then me deciding after the fact that it was all according to plan when her insurance actually offered to pay for a new one. THE PERFECT CRIME. Speaking of the perfect crime here is the internet….just let that one sink in.

*Star Trek* *Music*
Kirk/Spock Musical Slash Fiction
Kirk/Spock music videos are a meme so good they make Ke$ha bearable, I think that may make them the greatest force for good I’ve yet encountered on earth. Also even if you can’t stand the Ke$ha one there’s like 10 other ones here and they’re all great. Even if they didn’t include my personal favorite.

*War* *History*
You are About to Embark Upon the Great Crusade
Okay first off that’s just a great thing to say to people. Try using that the next time you’re proctoring a test or something. Anyway the other thing I wonder is just how many copies of this have survived until today. Seems like the kind of thing I’d hold on to despite knowing everybody else would be doing the same.

*The Supernatural* *Videos*
Mind-Blowing Archive of Footage Showing Ghosts UFOs and More
Spoiler alert: they are all hoaxes. But that doesn’t make this any less interesting. In fact, since the guy explains how he does it, it makes it more interesting.

*Science* *Tiny Things*
Researchers Create Self-Assembling Nanodevices that Move and Change Shape on Demand
Okay am I the only person who is like really freaking out at that sentence? That is not a sentence I expected to read outside of science fiction until I was like 3 years away from being able to download my brain into a robot body or something.

*Paper-craft* *Homes*
Apartment, Cart, and More – Made Out of Paper
IT’S PAPER! SOYLENT GREEN IS MADE OF PAPER! #firstdraftmovielines Oh wait yeah this isn’t Twitter. Anyway this is all pretty rad and you should go look at it.

*Science Fiction* *The Eco-Future*
The Exterminator’s Want Ad
So here’s a Bruce Sterling story about what happens to climate change apologists after the climate changes and a hippy socialist network culture takes over the world. I found this because Cory Doctorow posted about it, which made me once again wonder if Cory Doctorow is ever going to figure out that Bruce Sterling is making fun of people like him just as much as he’s making fun of unrepentant Randian-capitalist jerks with this stuff.

*Science* *New York*
Dude is Building a Nuclear Reactor. In Bed-Stuy
This would explain a lot if he’d actually been working on this the whole time I lived in New York. And also if something had gone horribly wrong. And also if I had superpowers.

*History* *Consumerism*
The Forgotten Cemetary at Home Depot
These guys missed a golden opportunity for a really great horror movie. Can you imagine what a poltergeist could do if its disturbed burial ground was now a hardware store?

*Movies* *Comics*
The RED Trailer
The trailer that asks the questions “wait is that Mary Louise Parker?…Wait DID HELEN MIRREN JUST PUNCH A DUDE IN THE THROAT?” Okay actually those are the questions I asked watching this trailer…but still.

*Television* *Fashion*
WSJ on the Clothes of Mad Men
Man there was a while there during the back half of season 1 when I thought Mad Men was just going to skate by on being a mediocre period drama with really great sets and costumes, and you know what? I was going to be totally okay with that because DAMN the costumes were good. But then the show got super good too. So good in fact that I could write an essay on the newly released poster for season 4 . And sometime I will. For now suffice it to say that this is the season where they discover minimalism and probably explore the paradox of “anti-capitalist” advertising and I AM SO PSYCHED FOR THAT.

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