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Apr 19 2013

Yeah I’m not feeling a long intro today. I wrote the whole post before I got to this in the hopes that I’d have something to say when I was done. Nope. Links time now.

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That Daft Punk Song
So I was originally going to just talk FOREVER about this leaked Daft Punk song and how I spent a lot of the day convinced it was fake (and it is a weird demo of the radio edit or something because the vocals are kinda…oh God what have I become) but frankly the song itself at some point today became less interesting than the debate around it’s veracity as people who have been trained for years to sniff out fake Daft Punk songs started throwing out all the “proof” they had that it wasn’t real, some of it actually pretty convincing, and other people insisted that even the obsessives that faked Daft Punk songs didn’t fake LYRICS and a reasonably decent outro transition. It turns out the latter group was right but the fact that people have faked so many Daft Punk songs that people are now convinced that even the real ones are fake is pretty amazing.
via The Hairpin http://thehairpin.com/
April 18, 2013 at 03:30AM
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Twitter #Music Recommends New Music with iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio
Meanwhile, is this like…not crap for anybody? Because for me it’s suggesting Jonathan Coulton and Andrew W.K. and like a bunch of metal bands I’m never going to listen to. I get that I don’t follow the same people I’d listen to on Spotify but…shouldn’t Twitter get that if this tool is going to be AT ALL useful?
via Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com
April 18, 2013 at 06:30AM
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To Do Cat
This is…this is genius. This is the only To Do app anybody’s ever going to need from now on.
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April 18, 2013 at 07:05AM
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“In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, people on the…
“Let’s crowdsource every brown person within 10 miles of the Boston Marathon” “Great idea Reddit I’m sure nobody in actual law enforcement has thought of looking at pictures from the crime-scene and the keen investigative skills of people who got bored browsing r/adviceanimals are going to blow this thing wide open.” “Whoops, turns out it’s two bro-ey looking dudes we totally ignored. Welp, at least we did the New York Post’s job for it.” This is what it looks like when you rely on Reddit to solve crime. It turns out that 10,000 keystone cops are still the fucking keystone cops.
via The New Aesthetic http://new-aesthetic.tumblr.com/
April 18, 2013 at 12:00AM
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Giant Days for April 18th 2013
“We’re not going to be british about it!” is the new “let’s bust some skulls!”
via Bad Machinery http://scarygoround.com
April 18, 2013 at 12:47AM
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Augmented Reality: Google Glass contractual restrictions
I’m kind of amazed that people still manage enough faux-shock at this to be outraged about it. I mean yeah it’s pathetic bordering on shameful but this thing has kinda morphed from an advanced release into a PR stunt and they’re not going to let it transform into a thing where people, you know, decide for themselves what to think of Google Glass. That’s for AFTER people buy it.
via Beyond The Beyond http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond
April 18, 2013 at 08:50AM
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Which makes more money: mining Bitcoins or writing about mining Bitcoins?
You know, I hate Bitcoins as much as the next guy but I make more money writing about virtual economies than making them and that still seems like a pretty sound investment for a lot of game companies.
via Boing Boing http://boingboing.net
April 18, 2013 at 09:34AM
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How is a $12 phone possible?
I think the most interesting part about this is that building a less feature rich phone is potentially MORE expensive because the price-tag is the result of the weird pricing on these specific components and to get a smaller feature set you’re either buying different components or going in there and actively taking a thing out and either one is going to add a cost to the thing. The economics of electronic component sourcing is downright fucking bizarre sometimes.
via Boing Boing http://boingboing.net
April 18, 2013 at 02:41PM
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The NYT just posted the coolest exoplanet infographic we’ve ever seen
Okay seriously, it’s time we all just paid in for the NYT because their web exclusive work is consistently goddamn amazing. Nobody else is doing stuff like this and I know that’s partially that they just don’t have the budget to throw money at it like this but man it’s still incredible.
via io9 http://io9.com
April 18, 2013 at 03:38PM
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Let’s all look at what happens when you wring out a washcloth IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Spoiler alert: the answer is simultaneously incredibly obvious and incredibly awesome.

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