Other Ten Percent 6/23/10

Jun 23 2010

Somewhere in my room is a truly gigantic spider. It crawled out from under one of my books and then crawled back before I could stop freaking out about it so now I’m fairly certain it’s just biding its time to crawl all over my face when I go to sleep because that is the favorite hobby of all spiders. …I don’t know many facts about Spiders.

*Hodgmann* *Music*
WITS Sing Along
The overlap of my interests with what makes this boingboing bait is quite high.

*Video Games* *Kindness*
A Four Year Old Plays Grand Theft Auto
I love that he wants to play fireman but realizes it’s important to drop people off at the hospital first.

*Sand* *Art*
Jim Denevan
I really like the first one of these.

*Science Fiction* *Japan*
Sci-Fi Illustrations by Shigeru Komatsuzaki
Man it’s like Tonka Trucks and 2001: A Space Odyssey had a baby.

*Neuro-Science* *Dreams*
Using Lucid Dreams to Study Consciousness
This is really just an excuse to tell you a boring dream story. Can anybody else fly in lucid dreams but finds they can’t really fly any faster than they run? Because I pretty much think that’s a metaphor for my life.

*Charts* *Life Choices*
Are You Happy?
Okay I think flow charts have pretty much reached their maximum level of abstraction and we can pretty much stop now.

*Computers* *Trivia*
What is a Jeopardy Playing Supercomputer?
I wonder how we’re going to pull this off without actually inventing AI again.

*Photography* *History*
Allen Ginsberg’s Photographs of the Beats
Two things: 1)Do you ever wonder how many art scenes were just as interesting as the Beats but weren’t so incredibly narcissistically self-documenting as to survive in our memories 2)I totally just got that The Beets from Doug were a triple meaning joke.

*Scott Pilgrim* *Games*
Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator
Shut up this one’s fun. Everybody should make one, Here’s mine. Josie made one but it has those creepy star eyes and they freak me out.

*Dinosaurs* *Video*
The Best Dinosaur
I have a feeling if I ever did stand-up it would work out like this dude. Just a meaner much more opinionated John Hodgman.

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