Other Ten Percent 6/22/10

Jun 22 2010

Today I set up the media center for the living room and then totally failed to enliven Liz’s radio show. Now I’m doing this. I feel like doing a quick OTP today.

*New York* *Rusted Metal*
Ruins in the Hudson
Scouting NY posts a pretty thing and then I blog about it. That’s just how we role at Other Ten Percent.

*Urban Planning* *Destruction*
Razing the City to Save the City
Being vaguely sociopathic I find Detroit fascinating from the perspective of aggressive urban planning as well as from the perspective of recovering from economic collapse.

*Being Dumb* *Errol Morris*
The Unknown Unkowns
I like all these Errol Morris articles a lot.

*Art* *Crafts*
Embroidered Animation
Because regular animation just is not time-consuming enough.

*Sculpture* *Cartoons*
Allison Reimold
This is pretty and that’s really all I have to say on the matter.

*Architecture* *Underground*
Subterranean Builders Guide
It is a shame that I go totally crazy without sunlight because I tend to think living underground would be awesome.

*Space* *Light*
A Lime Green Light Show 190 Miles Above the Indian Ocean
Space: extremely pretty vacuum.

*Architecture* *Light*
Bujcolon Pharmacy at La Puebla 15
I’d like to know more about this but I suck at foreign languages so I’m just going to pretend like it’s a space pharmacy for androids.

*Robots* *Art*
Designer Turns His First Car in to a Transformer
This does not actually transform and so it is not technically a transformer.

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur Comics has an awesome story under the actual comic which is pretty good too.

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