Other Ten Percent 6/21/10

Jun 21 2010

Hi everybody! Did you all have a good weekend? Did you all high-five your fathers? Ok good. Did I tell you guys that my t-shirts came? Did I tell you I’d even ordered T-shirts? Ok well, I got this one which most of you won’t really get but will maybe still think looks cool? And then this one which all of you will get and will high-five about. I thought about getting this one but then I was like “You know what? Enough shirts.” Anyway, WATCH OUT, it’s links from the internet.

*Video Games* *Music*
Violinist Plays Mario Soundtrack in Real Time
It is the send effects that really make it.

*Time Travel* *Consumerism*
The 1977 Print Ads of an Unscrupulous Time Traveler From 2010
I love documents from fake time travelers. Almost as much as I love documents from real time travelers.

*Food* *Plants*
Tree Servings
Unnecessary food serving devices with bonus pun. Adorable.

*Architecture* *Sustainability*
First Photos From the European Solar Decathlon
It’s comforting to know that even if peak oil totally sneaks up on us and the sea levels just like JUMP the hell up we’ll still have stark swiss design after the ecopocalypse.

*Video Games* *Time Killers*
425 Free Indie Games in 20 Minutes
So anyway, if you ever planned to have free time for the rest of your life I hope this takes care of that for you.

*Music* *Robots*
Self Playing Musical Instruments
And now your musical instruments can play themselves for you while you’re busy playing all those games.

*Plants* *Architecture*
A Flower Factory in Caves Beneath Naples
This is like a crazy Bond Villain plot to beautify the planet.

*Food* *History*
Menus of Old
True story, some friends of my mother’s came into town at the end of last month and I spent a few days with all of them and they literally spent 10 minutes staring at an old menu at a hotel downtown. This entry is dedicated to that moment.

*Robots* *Speed*
Superfast Pick N’ Place Robot
Well there goes my career in picking up and placing ping-pong balls.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid is BATTLE READY!

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