Other Ten Percent 6/18/10

Jun 18 2010

Hey, we upgraded to the new version of WordPress and not a damned thing exploded. That’s a first. As I write this we may be having a party in under an hour, I honestly have no idea. Either way let’s knock this out with some links on the internet. Starting with a perennial favorite, me never shutting up about the Scott Pilgrim movie.

*Movies* *Video*
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World International Trailer
This trailer features more Knives Chau and more comedy. We are all going to see this movie right? Every single one of us?

*Bunkers* *Art*
In Bosnia, Tito’s Secret Bunker is Revealed and Turned into an Art Gallery
Well naturally.

*Food* *Heights*
Skyscraper Subway is a Movable Feast
I feel like I’ve heard about this before but every time I hear about it I love it just slightly more.

*History* *Grammer*
Origins of Using “So” as a Sentence Opener
Long story short, blame nerds.

*Letters* *Spies*
Will you Please Have a Brilliant Idea
This is a great plea, I think I should actually try and make this plea to basically everyone all the time. It certainly seems to have worked for Ian Fleming.

*Science* *Depressing Things*
The Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries
Who would have thought that the cold hard facts of science could ever be kind of a bummer.

*Animals* *Music*
Keytar Playing Platypus Explained
Of course, it’s all so simple! Why didn’t I see it sooner?

*Books* *Design*
Reading Table
Okay this is brilliant and I really want one.

*San Francisco* *Space*
San Francisco Prepares to Build its First Space Port
FINALLY. If you feel like making a charitable art donation and have already donated the maximum legal limit to The Tank then go for this thing.

*Space* *History*
Memory Palace: Halley’s Comet
When I finally get sick of the Dance Party at the End of the World I’ll just move the theme to this and have everyone dress like it’s 1910. Then you will all kill me.

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