Other Ten Percent 6/17/10

Jun 17 2010

Today I walked a lot and bought a belt…it was not a very exciting day. Tomorrow we are having another party? I think? On two days notice? My roommates confuse me, but in a good way. Anyway we have arrived at the part with links so let’s do that now.

*Machines* *Video*
Cardboard Mechanics
Oh God the cardboard alternate universe in Gondry’s head has reached rudimentary mechanical computing. Soon it will get to the cardboard technological singularity and then we’re all doomed.

*Architecture* *HOLY CRAP*
The Abandoned Palace on Beekman Street
Okay first off, yes this is Scouting NY but this post is exactly why I’ve been avoiding posting every single thing they do. Then, when they do something this crazy I can post it and be like WOAH HOLY CRAP. Second, and much less interestingly, I walked down the alley they feature in this post all the time back when I lived on Wall Street.

*Tentacles* *Science*
What Krakens Can Teach us About Peer Review
The answer: everything. Krakens are basically the best peer reviewers on the planet. With all those extra arms and gigantic eyes nothing slips past them.

*Mirrors* *Fashion*
Shu Uemura Neo Reflector Lashes
Oh man, thank you Katherine these things are crazy.

*Typography* *Anger*
I’m Comic Sans, Asshole
Comic Sans humor will basically never get old to me.

*Sculpture* *Fire*
Do you get it? It is because they are all heads!

*Signs* *Party*
Motherfucking Party Freezer
Listen I curse like a sailor but I think the cursing in that title is kinda excessive. Anyway the picture this links to is funny. Go look at it.

*Games* *Speed*
Shortest Possible Monopoly Game
I don’t care how much Cory Doctorow hates on it I still kinda like Monopoly. Not as much as I like Riskopoly but still.

*Science Fiction* *Movies*
Is Never Let Me Go the New Children of Men?
I don’t even care that Kiera Knightly is in this. Carey Mulligan is amazing in An Education and that Doctor Who episode Suzan’s about to get to so she cancels Knightly out and the movie’s still going to be awesome.

Webcomics Roundup
Penny Arcade saves you from reading any E3 coverage if you’re not that into video games.

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