Other Ten Percent 3/29/10

Mar 29 2010

Today is the day guys. Today I am switching over to doing this thing via the mailing list manager and mirroring it to WordPress. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR MINOR FORMATTING DIFFERENCES. From now on posts are going to be mirrored to Othertenpercent.com and if you want to sign anybody up to the newsletter just have them fill out the form over there. Things are still kinda in beta so bitch at me if anything isn’t working right and I’ll see if I can fix it. Also on the Self-Aggrandizement Monday front I think I’ve landed myself a weekly column over at io9. In fact, I’m proud enough of it to make it an actual honest to God link.

*History* *Computers*
Great Moments in Alternate History: Charles Babbage
I swear the next thing I write for them will have nothing to do with Steampunk. I’m thinking alternate history Shakespeare next week.

*Scott Pilgrim* *Video Games*
Gallery: First Images, Details of Ubisoft’s Scott Pilgrim Game
So amoung the many reasons I’m jealous of Chris and Kelly going to PAX East last weekend is that they got to see all this stuff before me. I don’t know if they cared enough to see it before I did BUT THE POSSIBILITY WAS THERE. Also, music by Anamanaguchi and images by  Paul Robertson (NSFW pixels). Game’s going to rule.

*Race* *History*
Who’s White?
No that is not a terrible Michael Jackson parody song. It is a really interesting review of a really interesting book on the history and construction of race!

*Animals* *Food*
Puppies Eating Ice Cream
Guys it is kinda unfair how adorable this is.

*History* *Architecture*
UCLA Students Recreate World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893
I have no idea when I became so obsessed with World’s Fairs but man I love them so very much.

*Art* *Architecture*
Daniel Liebskind’s New Theater Opens, Offers Hope to Cash Strapped Dublin
It was kind of a slow news weekend so here are some pictures of an awesome looking building.

*Trees* *Are Weird*
How Plants Secretly Control the Food Chain
Okay so TECHNICALLY this is about milkweed and not trees. But it’s still weird and awesome though.

*History* *Computers*
An Actual Turing Machine
Hey guys, if Alan Turring and Charles Babbage got into a fight who would win? These are the questions I ask myself as I look at the internet.

*Art* *The Future*
MoMA: The Rising Current
Sustainable urban planning as art.

*Film* *Children*
My Story About the Film Monster House
So did you know that the creator of the new NBC comedy Community, Dan Harmon, was also the screen writer of the movie Monster House? Do you like him a little bit less now? Well read this and you’ll like him a lot more. It’s a letter he wrote to a child terrified by the film.

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