Other Ten Percent Year End Link Guide

Dec 31 2012

Remember when I told you I’d let you know if Django Unchained wasn’t amazing? Well it was amazing so no need to worry. So for the last post of the year here are ten links I really liked from the last year. Not really the best since I didn’t do a systematic survey but these were 10 that really jumped out at me as I looked over a lot of the posts from the last year.

Top 50 Skate 3 Clips
I wasn’t really expecting a compilation of clips from a game I never play in a genre I never play to make this list but I still watch this video sometimes when I’m bored and considering that this was the year of viral videos for when you’re bored that’s saying something.

Louis CK to offer HBO show as DRM-free download, chip away at cable content deals
I still think this is probably the TV story of the year and almost nobody seems to have paid attention to it outside of the two days around when it was announced. Seriously HBO’s willingness to deal on this AT ALL indicates the slow breakdown of the death grip that cable providers have over television or whatever we’re going to call that once it isn’t on TVs anymore.

New Sifl and Olly episodes from Liam Lynch
They have not all been stellar but if you haven’t been keeping up with all these Sifl and Olly episodes you really should because they’re largely amazing.

Gonzo Futurist Manifesto
If you want to live as a science fictional entity, and given the options right now it seems like a pretty good plan for everybody, this Warren Ellis post that links to the Gonzo Futurist Manifesto is still the best 10,000 foot view of how to be successful in a word of constantly accelerating change that’s on the edge of collapse all the time.

Paging Dr. Wasteland: One man’s crusade to heal DayZ’s zombie victims
I read a lot of great gaming journalism this year but this one really sticks out in my mind for some reason. Probably because it really has the sense of being an in-depth NY Times style report about an incredibly important conflict that just happens to be set in a virtual world.

Showrunner Michael Schur on building Parks And Recreation’s fourth season (Part 5 of 5)
AVClub is still doing the best TV journalism around and their looks back on each individual episode of a season with the showrunner were probably my favorite pieces they did this year. The Community one was also pretty good but for my money the most insightful one was this discussion of all of the last season of Parks & Rec.

Where’s _why?
If you read only one really long article on programming this year, and most of you probably will, make it this one.

Dan Deacon Wish Book Volume 1.
As of writing this there’s still about 36 hours for another Mashup album to take its place but at the moment this balls crazy Dan Deacon mashup is the best representation I can think of of the year of music that just passed. Mostly because a whole lot of the music in it DOESN’T come from the last year.

Fiasco: an RPG for collaboratively generating caper/heist stories
So Fiasco was probably the tabletop game I’ve had the most fun playing in the last year but I’m actually more including this link because, as much as I generally think Wil Wheaton’s TableTop is pretty good, this is the best representation of what a really good tabletop game feels like.

An Essay on the New Aesthetic
So this was the only link I KNEW was going to be on here. Considering I didn’t shut up about it for like two months you probably knew it too. It seems like almost nobody in the New Aesthetic movement took up the challenges of this the way I hoped they would, choosing instead to avoid all the hard work and shut down shop so they could keep being “disruptive.” Still, the issues Sterling brings up in here, the general wrong-headedness about our anthropomorphized relationship with technology and our need to come up with some actual aesthetic rubrics in an art world that’s as much engineering as it is creativity these days, are going to need SOMEBODY to take a look at them at some point. This is worth a second reading as we jump into 2013.

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