Other Ten Percent Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide Guide

Dec 24 2012

So I’m writing this one up the old fashioned way with 10 separate gift guides that I think you guys will enjoy even if you don’t actually have any gifts left to buy for the holidays because you’re actually a responsible adult that did all that weeks ago. If nothing else it can be a good guide to stuff you want to get at after-christmas sales or something. Plan for the rest of the week is to skip Christmas and then do a Other Ten Percent Music, TV and Movie roundup on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Then I’ll also be talking general links on New Year’s eve.

Best Tech Gift Guide That Isn’t Actually a Gift Guide
Apartment Therapy runs a lot of Tech 10 columns that I think are useful for thinking about good technology gifts because they actually consider how the tech gets used and who would want it.

Best Actual Last Minute Gift Guide
Unsurprisingly io9 has you covered with stuff you can grab or make yourself even now. It is, as you might imagine, kinda geek-centric but it’s still a really solid list.

Best Gift Guide for Male Fashion Geeks
Yes, I continue to be fishing by reposting the Put This On gift guide but I also just think it’s a really solid guide to some all purpose gifts to give people you might have forgotten about. Even people who aren’t me.

Best Wirecutter Gift Guide
I like Wirecutter’s all purpose gift guide alright and I still think if you’re looking to buy technology for yourself you should ALWAYS go there and check what they recommend but my favorite holiday gift guide from them is still their True Deals guide, a constantly updating list of all the things this week that are actually on sale instead of being “on sale.”

Best Charitable Giving List
Boing Boing’s general gift guide kinda got too big for its own good this year but their list of charities to give to, in somebody’s name or just as a tax dodge, remains solid.

Best Gift Guide I Already Posted
Seriously guys, buy BLDGBlog’s book suggestions for your friends and look super smart in their eyes.

Best Totally Random Collection of Objects Posing as A Gift Guide
Valet’s list of gifts that they slowly revealed over December was supposed to have days dedicated to gifts for guys, girls and then everyone but that mostly just resulted in a list of really random nice crap. That’s great though, everybody should read at least one list of that type to find inspiration for gifts and the Valet one is pretty solid.

Last Minute Video Game Gift Retailer
The Steam Holiday Sale is going on with new video games at a really deep discount. Since Steam’s an online retailer sending the game as a gift to a friend is super easy and you can do it Christmas morning and still get them their gift on time.

Best Guide to What to Buy at the Steam Sale
If you don’t know anything about PC Gaming Rock Paper Shotgun’s Advent Calendar is an easy way to get caught up. While I like their commentary you won’t need it if you don’t care about gaming that much. You can think of the Advent Calendar as a year end best of list for games that I’m not going to bother to write up myself and the main advantage the Rock Paper Shotgun list has is that all its picks are PC Games that you’ll probably be able to find on Steam, most other games publications will throw mobile and console games in there as well which are harder to buy on a schedule.

Best Plan for When you Forget to Buy Your Pushy Friend a Gift
Nedroid is written by a genius.

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