Other Ten Percent 6/2/10

Jun 02 2010

OH HAI! I has a new room and stuff. Well actually I DON’T have stuff. Most of that is getting moved in tomorrow. But I do have a room and that’s a start. I also have a stable internet connection up in this piece so DOUBLE BONUS. Let’s internet shall we? Oh wait, also, Broken Bells put out their new video with Christina Hendricks in it but you can only watch it if you can trick England’s internet into thinking that’s where you are so boo to that and I’ll include the video when I can actually watch it.

*The Internet* *Formal Grammar*
The Elements of Spam
Oh McSweeney’s, when you’re on you are indeed on.

*Alcohol* *Time*
Case Study | Vintage Cocktails
I’m trying to come up with some sort of a slow food joke that’s actually funny here but I’ve got nothing. This is still awesome though.

*Video Games* *Photography*
Tetris Tetris Everywhere
But not a drop to drink?

*Video Games* *Video*
Video: Alex Varanese’s My Desk is 8-Bit
My favorite kind of video to post on OTP in that it is short and immediately entertaining.

*History* * Propaganda*
The Enemy in Your Pants
WWII STD poster gallery!

*Robots* *Cleaning*
Narita Airport Cleaning Robots
I don’t know how anybody can be angry about robots taking jobs away from humans when they’re this adorable.

*Science Fiction* *Engineering*
Futuristic Mega-Projects by Shimzu
I want all of these things that will never happen to happen RIGHT NOW.

*Los Angeles* *Urban Planning?*
Los Angeles, Mysteriously Without Cars
What’s with all the projects lately re-imagining LA as a livable town and why are they all so deeply unsettling? Okay in this case the musical choice helps, but still.

*New York* *Deeply Unsettling*
Lovecraftian Art Exhibition
I want to go to there. But I can’t because it’s in Brooklyn.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex has the right idea about apocalypse.

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