Other Ten Percent 5/31/10

May 31 2010

A lot of people died over the weekend and that’s not really any fun to talk about. Also a new Kanye song came out and I’ve got some half assed theorizing as to why it’s good but I’m going to spare you that for now as well. Instead you get internets. Congrats.

*Science* *Underground*
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO)
It’s so neat looking I kinda can’t be bothered to pay attention to what it actually is.

*Movies* *The Future*
French Artist Builds Actual Working Back to the Future Hoverboard
This is now the greatest day of my entire li…oh wait this is just running on magnets. Still pretty good though.

*Movies* *Science Fiction*
Why Sex and the City 2 is a Science Fiction Movie
Articles like this right here are why I intern at io9.

*Air* *Science*
Showtime: Balloons and Dyson Fans
Watch the video before you read the text and let Bruce Sterling take all the fun out of it for you.

*Records* *Height*
The World’s Tallest Internet Entrepreneur
I love records, especially ones I could maybe beat someday.

*Math* *Traffic*
Taming Manhattan’s Traffic
Man, I love systems thinking. And strangely traffic flow is one of my favorite kind of systems thinking problem. I used to think about how cool it would be to set up some sort of a sensor node that read approximate traffic levels at every major traffic intersection in a city and then have it just sensor its way to traffic equilibrium. I thought about weird things in Georgia. I was bored a lot.

*DIY Tech* *Ghosts*
Weekend Project: Ghost Phone
Oh man, I have to make this for this year’s Dance Party at the End of the World.

*Art* *Animation*
Animation Backgrounds
I wish I was rich enough to buy animation backgrounds, but they’re WAY more expensive than the individual cells that I also can’t afford.

*Forms of Transportation* *Eccentrics*
Man Single-Handedly Building a Metro Rail
Given the number of weird passion project subway stations around New York it seems like subways are a surprisingly common thing to try and build by yourself.

Webcomics Roundup
I was going to do the new Kate Beaton comic but then Wonderella decided to post a 3 part epic story-line out of friging nowhere. Be sure to click through to parts two and three.

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