Other Ten Percent 8/1/12

Aug 01 2012

I got a fair bit done today so that’s some good news but I’m afraid I didn’t come up with a whole lot of links I have a ton to say about. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all good links. Some of them are really good. I just think this is going to be a collection of links where I go “guys, this is neat!” Instead of talking for 400 words about the future of audience experimentation or some other bullshit that I don’t really know anything about but still feel qualified to speak about with authority because this is the internet. Here come those links now.

So this is actually a super old blog post about a fairly old episode of Mad Men BUT really really this is about a SUPER old TV show from the early 60s that I’ve seen a lot of stories about lately that I’ve never actually seen called The Defenders. I would like to see it after reading this.

I’m sure there’s a more convenient way to do this if I actually gave a shit about beer but I like that you can just mock up something like this as a student project because you’re bored now.

Magician Ferdinando Buscema on Expanding Mind podcast
I’ve been on another one of my “vaguely fascinated with magic but not enough to try it” kicks lately which is, seemingly, the perpetual state of everybody at BoingBoing so I’m glad they pointed this one out to me.

The Great British Newspaper Adventure Strip
I am basically down for any time Warren Ellis wants to talk about formats and comics writing. This one is a bit of a repeat after his early discussion of webcomics formats but also adds a bunch of stuff I didn’t know about adventure newspaper strips in England.

Intense Internet Infographic of the Day
Are you in need of a ton of really amazing facts about the scale of the internet to tell people at parties? Here are a lot of them in one infographic. Also why is my go to example of what to do with this knowledge impressing people at parties? I don’t think I’ve been to a party where I have done that in like 4 years at the very least.

A Tour of the DEA Museum
There is a DEA Museum?

HD video from the RX100
You know usually my reaction to these things is depression that I can’t really swing the $10,000 or for a RED or whatever but in this case my reaction is “wait holy fuck this thing is $600?” Finally after years of people telling me that was true an incredibly good video camera seems to legitimately be something you can just splurge on.

Driving through the world’s longest tunnel is a trip through hyperspace
Why is every single sci-fi movie not set in this tunnel?

A Day Job Waiting for a Kill Shot a World Away
Is it just me or is this like the 3rd or 4th “what it is like to be a drone pilot” piece that’s come out this year. It’s like it’s America’s new up-and-coming profession or something. …Actually it probably is and now I’m depressed.

Wait actually I lied because I have a lot to say about this. First of all, yay this is neat. It’s Paul F. Thompkins who I generally enjoy having classy drinks with actors and comedians and interviewing them. Here’s the other thing I have to say though. What the fuck is it with TV and still not knowing how to match the format to the performer? Because every comedian I really enjoy seems to have found an internet project that really suits their personality and their strengths. Of COURSE John Hodgman should be judging people’s petty disputes. OF COURSE Paul F. Thompkins should just get wasted on cocktails with celebrities and interview people in bars. Why doesn’t somebody at some network offer them money TO DO THOSE THINGS ON TV? It’s not even that they aren’t famous enough for TV. Paul F. Thompkins was offered a chance to host Best Week Ever solo for a while (that did not go that well) and seems to have just recently gotten a deal at Comedy Central for a show that seems…almost exactly like Best Week Ever. Long Time Readers will also recall the time that I went with Jill Hockett to a taping of a talk show pilot for John Hodgman and will further recall the two most salient facts about this pilot recording. 1) It was decided that Jill and I were cool/attractive enough people to be seated in the front row of the audience. 2) The format did not work very well for John Hodgman. What is it about television that they refuse to actually do the NOT EVEN THAT WACKY OR OFF-FORMAT show ideas that would actually work for these comedians in favor of making them stick to the talk-show/variety show formats that don’t work great for them for all eternity?

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