Other Ten Percent 7/16/12

Jul 26 2012

So there’s not going to be a Friday experiment this week because my Friday experiment is going to be figuring out what the hell is going on with newsletter delivery and maybe seeing if I can switch the whole thing over to a much better system. That second one is probably ambitious for a weekend project so more likely I’ll be coming back with a blueprint for something to do rather than the thing itself but whatever. That’s still something. I downloaded the new version of OS X on a totally unrelated note and so far I’m a fan. As the 26000 word review over on Ars Technica essentially says it fixes all the small annoyances of Lion while doubling down on the general direction of the OS. This causes its own problems but by and large results in a way better operating system than Lion ever was. Meanwhile, here are some links that DON’T take two hours to read.

Easy “Camera + Projector” Calibration (OF addon)
Okay it’s a one minute tech demo but holy shit I want to get my hands on this RIGHT NOW. It’s a software system that lets you use a camera and a projector to calibrate a projection onto an uneven, irregularly shaped, MOVING surface. Projection mapping shit is getting real you guys and if it isn’t the predominant way we’re going to implement Augmented Reality it is, at the very least, the coolest.

Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” Premiering at Toronto Film Festival
I had totally forgotten that this was on the way. I’d also never realized that Riki Lindholm of Garfunkle $ Oats was going to be in on this jam. Considering Whedon’s track record for the year I’m pretty excited to go see this when it finally ends up showing around here.

What cricket looks like to Americans
This is a super cheap/easy joke but it’s also totally accurate and really well produced so I’m letting that slide DESPITE my well known stance against any cheap or easy joke.

Paper Passion
Oh sure, any old futurist can predict that the slow death of the printed word would create a fetishization of it that would translate into paper books becoming a luxury good but you only get the futurist extra credit points if you figured out that luxury impulse would come in the form of an “old book smell” perfume.

Bruce Sterling talks technology and science fiction with Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson
Speaking of futurists who always get the extra credit here is the first part of a long discussion with Bruce Sterling about the future where, as usual, he doesn’t do what the interviewer wants and instead mostly talks about the past.

The Women Who Would Have Been Sally Ride
I…honestly did not know about any of this. It is weird/depressing that this actually represents an improvement in terms of sexism over the history I had assumed where NASA never even considered women pilots until Sally Ride.

Unfuck Your Habitat: tidy advice for messy people
Okay so this is an amazing blog that I clearly need to be following as I pack things up and get ready to move in with Nikki so that my floor does not once again become a major storage area in my apartment simply so I have a place to put things.

This is not just an awesome and informative look at a very specific subject matter that holds my interest but also a great example of the kind of well written AND well designed work for the web I’d like to be doing for the Friday posts around here. Really pretty angry I didn’t think of this one.

Comics Philosophy & Practice:
I can’t decide if I would love or hate going to an academic conference on comics. On the one hand it would avoid all the usually slavish devotion to proving your nerd cred I despise at regular comics conventions. On the other hand it would replace that with a slavish devotion to prove academic cred which I am ALSO not a fan of.

What is Buzzfeed up to Anyway?
I have no idea how much of this is just Buzzfeed tooting their own horn but I have to say this LOOKS like the kind of organizational structure for writing online I always thought people should be working under. Do stuff in house, don’t chase page views directly but through doing good/interesting work, care about long term gains over short term ones.

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