Other Ten Percent 7/25/12

Jul 25 2012

This is really shaping up to not be my week. I woke up this morning to find that OTP didn’t go out and assumed it was because I was an idiot. Turns out it’s because Dreamhost is an idiot and some time between now and whenever you get this OTP you should also get two copies of the 7/24 OTP, one of which has an apology from me about how I screwed up sending the first one. Also I ate something that didn’t agree with me yesterday and my stomach and I have been arguing ever since. I’m trying to write this and send it out with enough time left over to go and at least work out today in the hopes of accomplishing something of some worth. Let’s see how that goes.

Philip K. Dick Festival Comes to San Francisco with Headliner Jonathan Lethem
Huh, SFSU is hosting this. Apparently it always does? Not sure how I missed that when I was actually going there on a regular basis. A special appearance by my second favorite of the jonathans (Lethem keeps winning by default and he may climb up to be the over all winner of Foer and Franzen keep up their eternal war to find out which one can get preachier) makes this an even more enticing prospect. Maybe I will actually end up going to back to campus for something.

TCAs 2012: NBC’s Monkey Business
So the networks are putting on their big dog and pony show about how great their fall seasons are going to be and this article does a good job explaining why NBC…is terrible. Not only are they dropping their high quality comedies like they’re going out of style (ha, they thought those comedies were ever in style) they’re also replacing them with shows they can’t even bother to pretend to believe in. “Here is some stupid shit,” NBC says “you all enjoy watching that on CBS so maybe you’ll like it on our network too.”

What a “self-made” man owes to the world
Even when I don’t enjoy his books (Old Man’s War is kinda his only series that’s fully hooked me) I still really like John Scalzi.

This intrepid spaceman has gone to some seriously strange places
“Astronaut somehow thrown into the depths of space going on wacky adventures” is a trope we really need to bring back in style. It would help if we did a better job of it when we tried JOHN CARTER but I think we just generally need to accept as a society that it’s an awesome enough payoff to justify the awful science.

MoCAT: the Musuem of Contemporary Art Trash
I had assumed that this was going to be one of those “museums” that’s actually a press release and a few tables that make the author feel like they’re smart but as it turns out it’s way more elaborate and WAY more awesome than that.

I find that, more and more, this is the kind of personal/small batch manufacturing that excites me. As much as I think there’ll be a 3D printer in every home before I die I’m not sure that’s going to be as interesting or as life changing as the tools that are starting to appear that just let you make highly personalized, designed STUFF at a pretty fantastic rate. I mean it helps that this little side project is generally designed to within an inch of its life by some SVA kids but I just generally like this company. I sort of think that 1000 companies that offer stuff like $25 personalized coaster sets are going to change the world in aggregate about as much as personal fabrication will when we finally get around to making it ubiquitous.

Jimmie Walker’s memoir paints him as a comedy Zelig
Here is a really fascinating review of Jimmie Walker’s apparently moderately fascinating biography. Best guess is that this review is all you really need to read of it though.

Why I’ve Opted for a Piecemeal Social Network Over Facebook or Google+
If I was a less lazy man this is exactly what I would do with my online life. I keep my Facebook around though out of sheer inertia and to avoid being one of those people that doesn’t use Facebook and spends his entire social life justifying why he doesn’t have a Facebook page instead.

Dropped Thread
A blog by a guy who makes his own pants. I hope I am not the only person with absolutely no plans to make his own pants that finds this fascinating anyway.

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