Other Ten Percent 7/24/12

Jul 24 2012

I was not a big fan of this morning. This morning and I had several disagreements and the morning won pretty handily and now I am staring down the barrel of 4pm and the list of my day’s accomplishments is roughly:

  1. Working out on a shitty machine I hate.
  2. Lunch

That’s okay though because I’ve got some links for you so that’s all going to change. Or after this I’m going to just sort of give up on this day and watch some Netflix. Nothing in the future is certain save these links from the internet.

10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances
Well this is by far the most interesting Daily 10 I’ve seen out of io9 in quite some time. The best part about it though is that Annalee totally goes for the deep cuts on the lost civilization discography and pulls out quite a few things I’d never heard of or only heard referenced in passing once or twice before.

Wizard Wars: magicians compete to create tricks in one hour using items from a dollar store
Okay seriously it’s time that we asked a very important question about entertainment made for the web. Why do all of the people with really good ideas refuse to hang out with people with good production values and vice versa? Because this is a remarkably smart little for the web reality show but it could so clearly give a fuck about you noticing it’s just some dudes hanging out in a living room they didn’t even bother to light properly. You’d think magicians of all people would put a little showmanship into this but NOPE. I really don’t mean to rag on this video because it’s actually amazingly well executed in terms of the idea itself but I keep waiting for somebody who does both things and being amazed it keeps not happening.

Turn your Twitter stream into your friends’ linkblog
I really need to get on this because my RSS reader is constantly getting more unwieldy and less useful and all the really great/weird links I’m finding are from Twitter. Just recently Dailywh.at has started throwing up like 3 duplicate RSS entries for every post and I’d really considering totally dropping it just so I don’t have to scroll past them.

This Is Informative, You Should Watch It of the Day
I…did not know any of this. Is England just making stuff up about its history every few months to make me feel dumb? Like I swear they just keep adding old kings in there just to see who’ll notice. At this point I think any king not mentioned by Shakespeare is pretty much suspect.

My miscarriage, my abortion
Jesus Christ. Leave it to Maggie Koerth-Baker to turn personal tragedy the likes of which I will never know into interesting, even vital, science and health reporting. She even keeps at it down in the comment section correcting some random guy who wants to talk about environmental toxins which have nothing to do with this whatsoever.

Why isn’t the sky blue?
Blue is the last color cultures develop a name for? It’s…kinda the best color and like 90% of shit is blue that is so so very weird.

A Design Lover’s Guide to San Francisco
So now that I’ve officially lived out in SF long enough that friends have migrated from trying to get me to come back to NY to telling me they’re going to come and visit I figure this Apartment Therapy post on what to visit while you’re out here is pretty relevant. Their food/shopping suggestions are pretty Mission focused which I don’t really agree with but what are you going to do?

Year of the Robot
In my heart EVERY year is the year of the robot but my heart is not this well designed or curated and so you may just have to live with only one year of this.

“Discovering Dad” aka delving into Terry Gilliam’s personal archive
Terry Gilliam’s daughter has a blog and it’s kind of incredible.

This is my favorite Retronaut post in quite some time. I think my favorite shot is Godzilla being carried off in a stretcher.

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