Other Ten Percent 7/23/12

Jul 23 2012

I had a busy day of going to see the new Batman which I generally enjoyed but was not bowled over by for various reasons. I have some pacing and theme issues with it but generally I think the whole dark, gritty superhero story that tries to exist in our world just seems weird to me these days. Anyway because of movie and some other chores I’m in a bit of a hurry so let’s look at some links.

Paging Dr. Wasteland: One man’s crusade to heal DayZ’s zombie victims
So DayZ is kind of just fascinating on its own. A huge, persistent zombie FPS where resource scarcity encourages other players to kill you for your loot and where any time you die you have to start over with no equipment at all. This story of a good samaritan player whose created a kind of in-game medical corps is incredibly fascinating though.

Neo hides from Lumbergh in this Matrix/Office Space mashup
This joke is not really anything more than what you’d expect from that headline but I was really impressed by how effectively they managed to edit it together. Basically this one just gets a lot of points for execution.

The High Line Zoo, A Rooftop Sculpture Garden Along The High Line
I really wish I was rich enough to live off The High Line. It’s basically become my favorite thing in New York in incredibly short order.

A Brief History of The Loud Motorcycle Man
This makes me so happy because I did not think anybody on earth hated dudes on loud motorcycles more than I did (I’ve stopped even feeling guilty for imagining them getting clotheslined) and not only does somebody hate them WAAAAY more they managed to be damn hilarious about it.

Radically Weird Visions of the Future of New York
Weirdly this isn’t even the io9 headline I was most likely to include in today’s OTP despite that headline looking like it was procedurally generated from my tweets or something.

Superhuman exhibit about human augmentation at London’s Wellcome
So the most terrifying image in the history of Boing Boing leads off an article about one of the most fascinating museum exhibits I’ve ever heard of. London friends should go to this.

Judging a Book by Its Cover: A 6-year-old Guesses What Classic Novels Are All About
I think most of you have probably already seen this but just in case. My favorite part of this bit is that I’d rather read the six year old’s version of about half of these books.

Geeking Out About Storytelling with Joss Whedon
THAT is the headline that I was most inevitably going to reblog, and I regret nothing because this is article is pretty much straight awesome.

Kick-ass They Live cosplayers
These people should have gotten all the prizes at Comic-Con. All of them.

The 4th Wall No More, A Review of Sleep No More In New York City
It is kind of weird to me that Laughing Squid is only just now getting around to doing a Sleep No More review and it’s fascinating to watch them do kind of a beginner’s primer on what they think their audience needs to know about the show. But I have to admit I am slightly disappointed that this was not announcing some crazy new thing at Sleep No More which is what I thought at first.

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