Other Ten Percent 5/28/10

May 28 2010

I am going to a prom tonight you guys! Not an actual one, an ironic (or maybe just atemporal?) one with 20 somethings…or something. All I know is that it is an excuse to wear a tux. Also it was really miserable outside earlier but now it’s just mildly unpleasant. Anyway, here’s some internet for your weekend.

*Cephalopods* *History*
A Carnivorous Squid that Lived 500 Million Years Ago
You guys know how I feel about Cephalopods. If you could go back in time and kill Hitler back when he was only 5cm long and had just two tentacles…wait this analogy is starting to break down.

*Animals* *Explosions*
Bombardier Beetle: Up Close, In Action
Now you know all about an insect that explodes. YOU ARE WELCOME.

*Animals* *Space*
The Adorable Kitsch of the USSR’s Dog Astronauts
This is really adorable as long as you don’t think about how they never really cared that much about getting the dogs back down.

*Neurology* *Lasers*
Laser Etched Brain Model
I want one of these really really bad now.

*Computers* *Fashion*
USB Cufflinks
Man I want to be a spy for just one day. JUST ONE SINGLE DAY UNIVERSE, is that so much to ask?

*Learning* *Toys*
Kanji to Animal Transformers
Teach your kids Japanese in maybe the most Japanese way possible.

*Learning* *Movies*
The Most Famous Classroom In New York City
Remember when Ted Mosby was in this classroom? I’m sorry had you blocked out most of this season of HIMYM?

*Superheroes* *DIY Tech*
Rolling Superman Simulator
This somehow does not strike me as an accurate representation of what it’d be like to be Superman.

*Superheroes* *Infants*
Iron Baby Saves the World with Cuteness
I would watch this movie like 9000 times.

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