Other Ten percent 7/19/12

Jul 19 2012

I’ve been a WRITING MACHINE today and I’ve done a ton of stuff for PCWorld. One thing I haven’t done though is think a whole ton about my coding project for the week. I may just do a smaller scale thing that uses a few tricks for the hell of it or something? I’m not really sure. Also maybe I should start making them bi-weekly so I actually have the time to make them something I really like. The first one that I spent a lot of time on seems to have gone over relatively well and the rest…not so much. Oh hey here are your links.

In 1909, you could fake-murder your friends in a wax bullet duel
Before we had even invented the laser mankind instinctively felt the need to invent laser tag and bless our hearts we did just about as well with that as you could possibly expect of us at the time.

Drinks for Hot Days, Like This One
Why do I even cover other blogs? Hairpin basically just takes it on itself to cover anything I take an interest in no matter how little it has to do with their broader mission statement. “I want some summer drinks so let’s reblog a summer drink article!”

Whale shark eats all the fishes
You know I kinda don’t give a shit about the fishing industry but can this just be the official way that we’re getting back at them for whatever I’m supposed to be angry at them about because it has the added benefits of being hilarious looking?

Tokyo’s new Robot Girls Restaurant will bring out your inner cyber-fetishist
Hey Japan we heard you liked girls in weird outfits so we put girls in weird outfits in your robot girls with weird outfits so you could etc etc…

Happy birthday, air conditioning!
Everybody go celebrate the history of air conditioning by going to visit the first place to ever have it! Or just stay inside and actually enjoy your air conditioning. That works too.

Editorial: Engadget on EyeTap, Project Glass and the future of wearable cameras
I love how something about getting assaulted for using it has really galvanized the tech community and convinced them that wearable computing is a real thing and at the very least we’re going to need to talk about it.

Alternate Perspectives, Distorted Panoramas by Randy Scott Slavin
These kiiiiinda make me sick to my stomach but I have included them because they are cool and that is how much I care for you, the reader.

How to assault Cinderella’s Castle
Finally Quora answers the only question that’s ever really going to matter.

The Lego Wire
I’m sorry for going back to this well once again all my friends that never watched The Wire but man is this ever funny.

Webcomics Roundup
Okay yeah T-Rex needs to stop reading my mind because although the indiscretions of my internet youth vary in detail from his the general point remains totally the same.

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