Other Ten Percent 7/18/12

Jul 18 2012

So I got plenty of sleep last night but ended up slightly off schedule since I had to run to a demo for an MMO this morning at 10am which kinda threw everything off a bit. Still it’s been an enjoyable day and I got a free stuffed animal out of the deal along with a pretty impressive demo for a cool game and so I’ve got no complaints. I’ll tell you what I do have though, links, and lots of them.

We talk with the minds behind Adventure Time about the sunshiny post-apocalypse
One of two Adventure Time posts today features Pendelton Ward’s mom talking about what a precocious child he was AS A PANEL MEMBER AT THEIR COMIC-CON DISCUSSION. Pen Ward continues to basically just be the best guy. Also I love that nobody even asks about Adventure Time spoilers because what are they going to say “Crazy shit happens” is basically the only summary you can have of every single episode.

Five Men Agree To Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb
Man, this week’s source for really high quality nightmare fuel is Robert Krulwich with some truly terrifying atomic bomb footage from back before we knew to be terrified of it.

Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution – exclusive interview with author Doug Fine
Drugs is yet another topic where I’m far more interested in the economics of it than in the stuff that’s actually, you know, interesting. At the Guild Wars 2 demo this morning I spent a lot of time fascinated by the crafting and economics which I’m fairly certain they weren’t planning to show off to people to avoid boring them and I think the single coolest thing to me I saw in the whole hour long demo was that their in-game auction house had buy orders and I was kinda thrown that it had never occurred to me that more MMOs should have those. Anyway the point is that I’ve always followed drug policy as basically an amateur economist and seeing somebody who actually know what they’re doing handling the material way better makes me happy.

A Disappearing Ink Book That You Have Two Months to Read
This week in “wheel-o-strategies-to-save-publishing” we’re back to artificial scarcity but we’re doing it up RIGHT this time with some goddamn chemistry. I can’t wait until 3 months from now when somebody figures out how to make the disappearing ink reappear. That’s of course just the fancy show-off hacker who wasn’t satisfied with photocopying the whole thing on day 1.

Christian Marclay’s The Clock on display now in NYC
I was intrigued by this when I first heard about it and I hope one of my New York friends stops by to tell me how it is. I’d add it to the Summer of Ghosts calendar but I can’t think of a single excuse for relating this to ghosts and I honestly don’t think most of you guys are really checking in with that thing all that often.

How the Gorgeous, Sometimes Fictional Sound of the Olympics Gets Made
Another incredibly difficult thing I had never even considered that people had to do: figuring out the audio for the olympic games. How the hell do you reproduce the audio from all the different olympic sports to accurately reflect what it’s like to be there? Turns out most of the time you lie so it sounds how people think it should.

Augmented Reality: The V Motion Project
Okay so it’s a projection mapped Kinect music interface. I don’t care how much dubstep this shit has I’m absolutely going to be reblogging it. It’s amazing to me that even with the really high quality production values on this thing the whole project probably took like, a month of time for a three man team or something. Not totally sure my math will match up with what’s actually going on here but that’s about the right order of magnitude of the man-hours here. Like this whole thing took MAAAAYBE 500 hours to put together and that’s insane to me.

What may be the world’s first cybernetic hate crime unfolds in French McDonald’s
The future is here it’s just not evenly distributed. You’ll get your beating eventually though.

Google patents Project Glass motion-based theft detection, locks up if it feels ‘unnatural’ movement
Don’t worry though Google is already on the case. I find it kind of terrifying that these two stories literally came up back to back on my RSS reader. Like minutes before this happened the world perceived a need to come up with some sort of defense for it and got to work. On an unrelated note: this seems like a terrible idea.

Anthony Clark Works Comic Wizardry In His ‘Adventure Time’ #6 Backup
In what could sort of kind of be a webcomics roundup but I’m not making it one, the guy behind Nedroid is drawing the latest backup story for the Adventure Time comic that is usually penned by Ryan North of dinosaur comics. Throw in the fact that Octopus Pie’s Meredith Gran is currently writing a Marceline the Vampire Queen spinoff comic and that the show has featured Kate Beaton’s Fat Pony (with her permission and she wishes you would stop asking) and it’s officially the most webcomics friendly show on earth.

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