Other Ten Percent 7/5/12

Jul 05 2012

Sorry to be SUPER lazy but we’re heading out to see fireworks on the spur of the moment and I’m not sure I’ll make it back by midnight. Just in case I don’t here are some links without commentary. I will come back and write some stuff up if I make it home in time though. EDIT: Woah hey I totally have time becasue we got back home at around 10 after an extremely pleasant walk through the city and a fun time on the roof of Nikki’s office that was great despite a lack of real firework views. So now let’s do some link commenting.

Un Petit plat pour l’Homme by Corentin Charron
In retrospect my main problem with all of the great cooking movies I have seen in my life is that they didn’t take place in space. I can now consider that problem solved.

Brazil was once a mythical island, just off the coast of Ireland
There are days when I really can’t understand why we commit so hard to alternate histories when actual history sounds just as made up.

Artist who made near-perfect US$100 bills
I find forgery to be the most interesting crime in a way because there’s kind of an inherent interesting adversarial relationship to it that isn’t there in like…car theft. Like I don’t have the artistic ability to even take a wild stab at it even if I did feel like doing this for kicks and hoping I didn’t get thrown in jail but I can TOTALLY understand the appeal of trying to make a forgery so perfect that the people who made the original wouldn’t even recognize it.

10 of the Weirdest Futurist Scenarios for the Evolution of Humanity
Yeah these are fucking weird alright. They get less unheard of as they go along but they certainly are all weird.

All Together Now: An Art Show Tribute to The Beatles at Gallery Nucleus
Oh man do I ever love the Rocky Raccoon one. I kind of want to write the sequel where good Rocky comes back as an actual raccoon and still seeks revenge and ends up being way more effective at it because he’s a raccoon and WHO WOULD SUSPECT HIM?

Raise Every Voice
The history of the telephone is really super bizarrely complex actually and crediting Alexander Graham Bell with it is sort of like crediting Tim Berners Lee with Facebook. I mean it’s accurate enough in a sense but man does the thing we use today ever not resemble the telephone he built.

Hypnotic gifs
All of these are just straight up hypnotic.

What news ombudsmen should do to make the news part of the Web, and vice-versa
Huh, ombudsmen as community managers for journalism. I mean on some level that’s kind of comically obvious but on the other hand that is some good practical advice on the future of journalism and God knows that’s in pretty short supply.

First Look at Item 47, the Short Film that Picks Up Where The Avengers Left Off
Ummmmmm yes I would like a short film set in the Marvel Movie universe set after the Avengers starring Lizzy Caplan that hints at future movies in the franchise. How did you lknow that that would be EXACTLY WHAT I WANT

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex would like to tell you some words about Etymology.

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