Other Ten Percent 7/4/12

Jul 04 2012

I really wish I could do in depth examinations of all the links today because they’re really fascinating but unfortunately I have more party prep/TV club stuff to do so I’m afraid this is going to get kinda lightning round-y as I try to get as much of it done as I can before I run off to grab dinner with Jane. Oh hey, here come those links now.

Exploring The Adventures Of Pete And Pete’s genesis and highlights (Part 1 of 4)
AV Club’s had the best Pete & Pete coverage around for quite some time and now they’ve got what ammounts to a definitive explanation of the show’s history from the creators themselves. If you read only one article about Pete & Pete this year (and you will read many more than that, I know you) make it this one.

Bill Clinton Playing M83
Christ I hope this really, seriously becomes a thing because man do I ever love it. In fact, can this album have a summer resurgence? It deserves one.

Zombie Theme Park Proposed For Detroit
Man, it’s really sad that this is the best option I have yet heard about what to do with Detroit.

Where Anonymous actions come from
I was really poking around this sort of stuff for a while but I kinda didn’t have the time or attention span to, you know, actually be a journalist about it. Still I’m glad that somebody is doing really detailed coverage of what it’s like for anonymous to make decisions.

So this is really terrifying to ladies I think so I am super sorry but I find it’s existence fascinating. James Bridle (he of New Aesthetic Tumblr fame) tweeted it this morning and he was actually unironically really impressed by it and it took Deb Chakra and a lot of other really smart FEMALE futurists to point out why an open source IUD is a TERRIBLE idea. I think what is most amazing to me about this as a piece of history though is that we now have open source hardware mansplaining. A male designer literally sat down and thought “I hear women are having some trouble with contraception. Well we’ll just make an open source plan, rapid prototype something that’s meant to be inserted into the vagina and then solve their problems in a jiffy.” That is the most gonzo futuristic example of subtle misogyny I think I’ve ever heard. And I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur of both of those areas. Weirdly that was just one of many super futurist jams today (though the only one quite so…graphic.) Anyway this calls for a futurist super lightning round.

Jilly Ballistic Hits New York Subways With Computer Warnings
We are living in the future.

Distant Fingerprint Scanner
We are living in the future.

3D Worms Infect the Net
We Are Living In The Future.


Wes Anderson’s best commercials
And now, Wes Anderson as a charmingly retro palate cleanser. Go see Moonrise Kingdom if you haven’t already.

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