Other Ten Percent Social Calendar: The Summer of Ghosts

Jun 29 2012

So, for various reasons this week’s web project is still VERY MUCH a work in progress. But, for various reasons, I’m also okay with that.

The OTP Social Calendar for Summer 2012: The Summer of Ghosts

Design-wise there’s a lot to do here but I think it’ll be interesting to have you guys watching as I make this go from looking mediocre at best to actually pretty good. This is just about as good/bad as last week’s project looked before I really started iterating on its appearance. I’d also like to do a little bit more explanation on WHY this is the summer of ghosts and maybe relate each event to that a bit more.

The main reason I’m fine with this being a work in progress however is that I’d like your events to add to the calendar. If you have anything going on this summer that you can really reach to relate to ghosts or that you just think OTP readers would like to know about let me know and I’ll add it. As time wears on I’ll add events for August and September and then (depending on if this turns out to have any practical value to you, the reader) It’ll either roll over into the Fall of Whatever the Fall is About or it’ll cease to exist.

So next week look forward to an improved design for this and some new events along with whatever next Friday’s web project might be.

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