Other Ten Percent 6/28/12

Jun 28 2012

Man so most of my productive week has been spent working on Friday’s OTP and even on that I haven’t been super productive. At least I got some chores done today I guess? I don’t really know what the deal is but I am not getting very much done. I am still finding all of the links though and I suppose that’s something at least. Hey, here’s one of those links now.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time—“Water Temple”
I like to tell the story of the first time I did the Water Temple a lot because I think it’s funny. It took me like a week of just brute force trying EVERY SINGLE OPTION on every puzzle to finally make my way to the end and then, having defeated it, I just gave up and went out and spent $25 on a game guide. I returned home to open it to the page after the water temple where the guide literally said “Congratulations on making it through the Water Temple, the hardest part of the game. Now that you’ve beaten it you probably don’t even need this guide.” I think there’s a metaphor for my life hidden somewhere in that anecdote but it isn’t nearly as interesting as this read on the Water Temple that actually says some of the most interesting things about how different tropes and ideas translate between media that I’ve read in a while. The basic premise is that the Water Temple is the video gaming equivalent of a Bottle Episode and you actually don’t need to be a gamer to find it interesting.

New Looper trailer explains the plot behind this bloody time travel flick
I was already super psyched to see this movie but now that I know there are random telekinetics that make everything in a shot start floating I am somehow EVEN MORE PSYCHED. Also is it just me or have they done some like post-production stuff to Joseph Gordon Levitt’s face to make it SLIGHTLY less preposterous that he ages into Bruce Willis?

The Ascent, A Mind-Controlled Levitation Installation

Undefeated Robot of the Day
Okay so I guess TECHNICALLY this robot is cheating but I don’t care because it is so quick and so bouncy that it just seems like it is constantly thrilled to be defeating humans at rock paper scissors. That is the kind of internal life I would wish for a robot after reading that Bruce Sterling thing from earlier in the week.

Of all the things I love about Apartment Theraphy the fact that that title isn’t a joke is probably really high on the list. It’s just behind the fact that it’s the FIFTH one of these that they’ve produced. That is super duper in depth about a topic that MAAAAAAAYBE doesn’t need over 100 options.

London police crowdsource the panopticon
Oh Cory Doctorow. You’ve been waiting so long to use that headline. Here’s the thing that makes me legitimately upset about this that is not AT ALL Doctorow’s problem with it. London police are crowdsourcing the panopticon AND THEY SUCK AT IT. I mean come on guys that scale is kind of pathetic and there’s nothing here to actually encourage people to take part in it except London cops telling them to and the population of people that totally works for seems like it’s probably relatively minor at this point. Slap on a gamification layer. Start throwing in random citizens to see if you can get THEM convicted of something. Spice things up. This is just the same boring riot identification bullshit they’ve been doing for decades with a shitty web front end.

Giving Bad Advice To Kings
The obligatory monthly article that’s actually super interesting on The Awl. This time it is a very long and thorough history of terrible advisors to English kings. It doubles as a primer on the large parts of English history I don’t know about all that well. Which is basically the battle of hastings to Shakespeare.

Money Isn’t Real: remarks for the Greg Palast event, 26 June 2012
So this isn’t as smart as the Bruce Sterling rant but it has the benefit of being much much more concise. I doubt there’s anything explored here you haven’t already thought about at least once or twice but Warren Ellis sure can turn a phrase.

The Soviet synthesizer that bridged occultism and electronic music
Okay so we’re all agreed that BoingBoing is just procedurally generating headlines from keyword searches now right? Because like that’s the only way I can explain the existence of this article.

New York City Subway Stairs
Today’s edition of “weird shit is happening because there are SO MANY CAMERAS.” A guy has a problem with one of the stairs at the 36th street stop being slightly higher than the others and sets up a camera to record all the people that trip over it and then posts that to the internet. Who wants to bet this gets the problem fixed way faster than the complaints to the MTA about this step?

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