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Jun 25 2012

Not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed to be going back to the regular format after last week’s experiment but it’s just not feasible to do something like that more than twice a week and that’s if I’m really buckling down and working on coding stuff up every day. I’m working on another one of those for this Friday but for now at least I think we’re going to just go back to the good old fashioned version of OTP where I sent you guys some links and you at least pretend to like them.

So my internet connection went out in the middle of the Nintendo press conference at E3 this year which was kinda terrible for a lot of reasons but I felt compelled to go back and watch what I missed afterwords. I shouldn’t have bothered. It seems that my internet knew what was coming after the interesting first few minutes and this 28 second clip pretty much contains everything of value I got after the first 20 minutes.

How to get under Aaron Sorkin’s skin (and also, how to high-five properly)
You know I was hoping against hope that The Newsroom was going to be a second chance on Studio 60 that learned the right lessons from it’s failure but instead it seems like Sorkin has doubled down on the grating out-of-touch preachy portions and it’s resulted in a show that almost nobody on Earth seems to like. Some of that of course is just that Aaron Sorkin is still doing his same schtick (one of the few points where I’d probably agree with his “hurp derp internets” outlook on our popular culture is that we sure do like to bash people for not changing up their gimmick just because we demand new stuff all the time.) but there’s also a real strain of straight up mansplaining misogyny that Sorkin’s decided he needs to really commit to for some reason. I was ready to write this off as a misinterpretation of Sorkin’s whole general refusal to admit that anything should have changed from the Clinton era but then Warren Ellis also wrote a piece on how The Newsroom just doesn’t like women very much. Welp.

Appropriating New Technologies
Not sure now exactly which New Aesthetic adjacent twitter account I follow retweeted this but it’s pretty fascinating. A brief look at this history of facial tracking/recognition along with some stuff on where its going and what we’re going to do with it. Probably the most efficient explainer I’ve found for somebody who doesn’t know much beyond “that’s creepy” about all this stuff.

Bask in the infectious joy of San Francisco’s Dance Party Robot
I am not responsible for this and I’m not even angry about it I straight up CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Somebody on earth said “let’s have a mobile dance party fronted by a totally low-tech robot suit that has some built in speakers we can just deploy when we want to by sending a message out on Twitter and then going to a place.” AND THAT PERSON WASN’T ME. What. The. Fuck.

Showrunner Michael Schur on building Parks And Recreation’s fourth season (Part 5 of 5)
Although Community was my favorite sitcom of the year by far and 30 Rock managed to pull my favorite single episode of the season with their Leap Day episode Parks and Rec continued to quietly chug along as the most consistently great comedy on TV to make what was probably the best comedy season as a whole last year. So it’s fascinating to see an overview of how the whole thing came together and the thought process that tied it up as one cohesive unit. I linked to the last part of this series not because you should start there by the way but because it has links to the first four parts right at the start of the article for you to consult.

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Quadcopter Art – Suspicion of Terrorism?
Aaaaaand you really couldn’t have a clearer example of why I’m way more terrified of people making drones illegal than I am of having Quad-Copters flying all over the place in the future. When people make unmanned drones illegal it won’t be to keep governments from being able to remotely kill people by wire it’ll be to shut down bizarre file sharing art shows that use the things because this kind of thing in the hands of civilians might be DANGEROUS.

Summer Drinks
Whatever, let’s get drunk with a summer drink generator. Someday I’m going to have a stable enough bar that I can just throw a party where I let this thing decide what drinks everybody gets. For now though I think I’m just going to let it decide the signature cocktails whenever I have people over. Not quite as fun but it’s still better than nothing.

Covers from 1960s Russian tech-youth mag, and other SF/space art of the era
Why doesn’t anybody ever suggest attaching giant rockets to moons and planets to turn the entire thing into a spaceship anymore? Is it just because it’s totally unfeasible and would just destroy whatever planet you tried it on because if so that does not seem like a good enough reason to abandon that particular bit of weird 60s futurism.

Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact?
Just once I’d like to read a science article about an emerging technology that totally isn’t going to change the world that much at all but will make going on vacation moderately nicer or something. That being said fake meat is getting to the point where it is at least a fascinatingly weird possible future which is way better than a lot of science articles give me.

And now, Arthur Miller on summer in new york back before everybody just cranked up the AC and stayed inside whenever possible. Like the vacations I’ve taken this year Twitter seems determined to remind me that seasons are still a thing outside of San Francisco.

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