Other Ten Percent 6/15/2012

Jun 15 2012

I’m just deciding this as I write up this post but I’m going to be taking most of next week off. It was already going to be a kind of weird schedule with me going out of town and recent events have meant that my social calendar is weirdly clear other than that trip and so I’m thinking that it’s time to take a short OTP focused hiatus. I’m going to be spending that time on you guys however doing three things. The first is finishing up the homepage redesign I started two weeks ago and then left hanging. The second is taking a hard look at my RSS reader so things look a little different when I come back in terms of content and the third is rethinking friday posts because this readlist stuff does not seem to be working. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but I think demand is actually kinda low for this stuff since the barrier to entry is so low. Anyway I think Friday is going to stay experimental and off-format and I’ve got a few ideas what that will look like (I’m playing around with trying something like BoingBoing’s feature story format) but I’m leaving that part intentionally hazy. for now though I do have a read list for you


along with one good long video link.

String Theory: Circle of Life (Tribute to the Class of 2012)
This goes from a terrifying reminder that I’m getting old (Jesus Christ graduating seniors STARTED school in 1999) to an actually kinda brilliant bit to an utterly fantastic bit.

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