Other Ten Percent 6/14/12

Jun 14 2012

I am officially declaring today to have been alright but not great in terms of productivity. I got a decent amount done but I’m not exactly rolling in successful projects. I mean I suppose I could do that if I considered doing my laundry a successful project and I wanted to ruin it but I don’t so…oh hey here are some links to distract you from how terribly that joke just failed.

So considering this doesn’t even get around to simple CSS until the 4th video most of this is probably too basic for almost everybody reading OTP but I’m still damned impressed by the design of this page. I keep saying I want OTP to be bare bones looking without looking like crap and, oh hey, they pulled it off in style with a page that teaches you how to pull that off.

2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist
I’m not entirely sure how I missed a map to the land of last year’s music blog zeitgeist drawn by the Perry Bible Fellowship guy. In fact I’m not totally sure I DID miss it though an archive search isn’t bringing anything up. Regardless if you somehow slept through all of last year or you just like cool art then this is the link you’ve been waiting for.

In Case You Missed it of the Day
So like a lot of the best Conan skits the premise here is sort of insanely simple but the execution is one of the funniest things I’ve watched all year. The best part is, obviously, how into it the kid gets.

10 year game of Civilization II turns into Eternal War
Can’t quite remember why I cut this one yesterday but the opening of a dedicated sub-reddit dedicated to trying to resolve a millennia long nuclear stalemate in one of the longest games of Civilization I’ve ever heard of is a development that warrants reblogging.

Marius Watz: Shock and Awe, Algorithm Critique, the New Aesthetic and its Discontents
I actually like the “algorithms as found art” part of this slightly more than the New Aesthetic stuff but if you can actually find the time to dig through the whole thing it’s basically all worth your time.

More Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives
Do you need a new Desktop picture? Because after clearing off the desktop of my iMac I realized how much I needed one and then thankfully this came along and showed me a ton of SUPER AWESOME black and white photos for use as a background image. I’m throwing the first image on there right now.

Listen: Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Mashes Up Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” With Annie Lennox
I’m not sure what’s rocking my worldview more, that my favorite mashup of the year so far involves Call Me Maybe or that one of the guys in Vampire Weekend has a sense of humor.

Magnifying the Subtle Changes in Video to Reveal the Invisible
So I’ve got a comic I’m writing where this is some valuable research information but it’s also just general-use fascinating. Using video footage to estimate somebody’s heart-rate. It’s that perfect mix of awesome and supremely creepy that cutting edge video analysis always is.

So I’m not going to lie, there’s nothing in here you haven’t seen on OTP a dozen times before but it’s some pretty projection mapping and that still has the power to impress me.

Webcomics Roundup
Forget about the fact that I’m T-Rex it’s now imperative that we figure out who of my friends is Dromiceiomimus and make them record an album.

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