Other Ten Percent 6/12/12

Jun 12 2012

As you may be aware I kinda go through phases in OTP and I feel like I’m entering the reorientation phase where I try to fix the feeling that I’ve said everything I have to say by finding new things to talk about. The specific version of that epiphany that struck me today is that I could not find more than 7 things I cared about in a day where I had a WHOLE LOT of things going on that I wanted to talk about and I suddenly realized that I sort of refused to talk about a lot of things on OTP for various reasons and I’d kind of like to stop that so lets spend some time discussing the things that actually interest me. So hey, here are some links that maybe aren’t all common in the canonized late period OTP format but that I want to actually discuss.

MacBook Pro gets Retina Display; MacBook Air also updated with Ivy Bridge
Christ I want one of the new retina Macbook Pros. I kinda thought I was done with gadget lust for a while. I was excited by the iPhone 4S but more because my contract was up and YAY I get to have one. I deliberately bought a Macbook Air at the end of its lifecycle so I didn’t get one powerful enough to play games on. I sort of felt like working in the tech journalism industry had made me totally immune to tech hype and yet I want one of these things something powerful. I don’t even know what it is about the specs that excites me so much. I guess it’s more that in genuinely feels like the shape of things to come than that I have any kind of use for the object itself. Like my actually tech ecosystem is clearly solid for at least the next year or two and yet I’m still freaking out about this.

“The Phantom”
So that is a full review of the season finale of Mad Men which means quite a few spoilers if you aren’t up to date but I’m posting it anyway because it is, first of all, a really solid review but it’s also the best memorial I can find on the internet to a really interesting season of the show. Critical consensus seems to be mixed on the fact that Mad Men has kinda been underlining its themes this season but for me that’s kind of what Mad Men always needed.

Pointer Pointer
So this is a pretty fantastic bit that is fantastically programmed.

Showtime: CLANG by Subutai Corporation
I’d actually ignored this because the book trailer for the Neil Stephenson book about how into sword-fighting he was was kinda boring. Still a Bruce Sterling recommendation was enough to get me to give it a shot and I’m glad I did because the bit is kind of amazing once you get into it.

Giant Game of Truth or Dare in a New York City Park
I love how surprised they are that people would rather humiliate themselves with a random dare than tweet something. I mean I’ve had people tell me I needed to tweet something for really valuable free stuff and I’ve pretty much shrugged it off every time.

David Bowie’s magnum opus remains a thrillingly open-ended concept album
If you, for some reason, didn’t know why David Bowie was awesome this is a pretty good summation.

Students assigned to cheat on exam use doctored Little Brother cover and many other clever methods
This is a fantastic bit that is simultaneously why I kind of want to be a teacher and why I never should be one.

Light, Installations at Longwood Gardens by Bruce Munro
This is kind of just a traditional OTP post where something looks pretty.

Tony Awards 2012 – Neil Patrick Harris – Closing Recap Song
The opening number understandably seems to have gotten all the press but I actually think the closing number of this year’s Tony awards was much stronger. It doesn’t hurt that it is also shorter and acts as a pretty effective summary of this year’s Tonys. But I will basically take any opportunity I can to link to Neil Patrick Harris being awesome.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex has some awesome (and strangely familiar) comics ideas.

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