Other Ten Percent 5/25/10

May 25 2010

So it turns out that I was totally right about the Lost finale but in a SHOCKING TWIST life is not spelled with a k as “like” the way I spelled it yesterday. Anyway here’s some more internet to take your mind off the fact that I can’t spell even basic words in english.

*Architecture* *Lies*
Bertheir’s Door
I love basically every instance of the world being an elaborate lie if you just look at it hard enough. This explains both why I love The Truman Show despite Jim Carry mugging it up through large portions of the film and the earlier OTP post about the brooklyn brownstown that’s a secret subway entrance.

*Japan* *Video*
Akino Kondoh Video Featuring B&W Body-less Children
Not as creepy as it sounds. Still pretty creepy.

*History* *Vitriol*
Mark Twain Autobiography to be Published in November, 100 Years After his Death
Man, have I mentioned how awesome Mark Twain is recently? Have I explained that he was poor because he invested in the typewriter like 50 years too early? Have I told you all that he was sort of a social pariah late in his life because he railed against the social evils of Manifest Destiny AND Imperialism and everybody was like “whatever dude, why should I listen to a guy in a bow-tie?” Have I made it clear that he was best friends with Nikola Tesla and they had a plan for world peace that boiled down to giving everybody a death ray so we’d have Mutual Assured Destruction 50 years early? Did I mention that he showed up with Haley’s Comet and then died when it showed up again AND I PLAN TO DO THE SAME? Anyway, in addition to all of that incredibly awesome stuff he also wrote this auto-biography that was filled with him talking so much shit about everybody in 1910 that he demanded everybody wait 100 years after he died before it was published so he could be absolutely sure everybody he was talking about was dead. What I am saying is MARK TWAIN WAS AWESOME.

*Charts* *Dinner*
Consumption Dinnerware
You got infographics in my dinnerware. No you got dinnerware in my…etc etc.

*The Future* *Awesomeness*
In Your Lifetime: Clones, Fusion Energy, Extra Dimensions and First Contact With Aliens
In today’s obligatory io9 post Scientific American gets my hopes up.

*Science* *Steampunk*
An Iris By Any Other Name
Okay so this is just for people that actually watched the Lost finale. Wouldn’t the whole thing have been vastly superior if it was an iris instead of a cork?

*Confidence* *Children*
Kids Mirror Affirmations
Would you like to know the secret to my success? It is that I wake up every morning and I say EXACTLY THIS.

*DIY Tech* *Lights*
Blowbits: A Tactile LED Matrix
I wish I was the first human to think of the phrase “tactile LED matrix.”

*Insects* *Terror*
Nightmare Scenario
Oh no, not the bees!

*Architecture* *Retro-Futurism*
Welcome to Xanadu, the Foam House of the future
I want to live in a retro-futurist house some day. This confession brought to you by the department of the patently obvious.

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