Other Ten Percent 5/31/12

May 31 2012

So for some reason I woke up at 6am this morning and I decided to just go with it and work out early which is fine except that it has resulted in me feeling SUPER tired all day. I’ve managed to roll with it and I still seem to be doing alright but I do not feel like I’m at 100% right now. I do feel like I’m at 100% on these links though. And like 200% on awkward transitions. So lets look at links now.

Video: M83: “Reunion”
So when the Midnight City video came out and it was super awesome I said that they should just keep that storyline rolling and use the creepy/awesome psychic kids from what seemed like a lost 80’s Spielberg movie in every single music video for Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and it seems like THEY DID EXACTLY THAT. Here is the video for Reunion, now with 100% more evil telekinetic children.

The Unbearable Stasis of “Accelerating Change”
Well this one’s a barn burner even before it gets to the lefty/commie media theory stuff there at the end. If you want a distillation of the arguments against transhumanism and singulatarianism you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this.

Helen Papagiannis, Google Glass, and a new aesthetics of augmented reality
This is a better formatted version of the rant I went on yesterday about Google Goggles but I am really just posting this because I finally beat Bruce Sterling to an idea! By almost a whole day too!

Insert Coin: ZIP-Shooter lets you dolly around or track straight (video)
So this one isn’t all that interesting by itself but as a general class of object it’s another “cameras are everywhere thing” because as it turns out our ability to mount cameras has not kept pace with our ability to get cheap cameras that record fantastic video and so there are these projects all over kickstarter for weird little bespoke camera mounting systems that let you do weird shots on the fly. I’m too lazy to go grab a bunch of examples but I swear this is at least the 5th one I’ve seen.

Japan’s hidden tropical island: Aogashima
Okay there’s a lot that could be said about this awesome island and you should definitely read up on it because its rad but lets get the most obvious thing out of the way first: this is the best possible location for an evil lair right? Like, at the very least the best one on Earth. But I think it also gives moon bases a run for their money.

Best Standing Desks
I’ve been thinking of getting a standing desk for a while now and my favorite consumer tech blog comes through with a really thorough look at their advantages and which ones you should pick up.

Alien encounter narratives as indicative of species-wide self-loathing. There’s a sentence that you won’t see outside of Warren Ellis’s website very often.

Moving to San Francisco
Since all of you should just go ahead and move here you will probably find this guide to the city’s neighborhoods helpful.

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks on Joan’s Epic Moral Moment
Guys, so many spoilers for last week’s (possibly best ever) episode of Mad Men that managed to make me feel basically every feeling at least once. If you want to read more about the episode after watching it though it’s hard to do better than this interview (and maybe the AV Club review).

Webcomics Roundup
I am so glad I kept Questionable Content in my RSS reader despite not really enjoying it for the past two years because it means that I got to read this and it’s quite possibly my favorite webcomic so far this year.

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