Other Ten Percent 5/29/12

May 29 2012

I have no idea why the date looks so odd to me but it totally does. Does that date look weird to anybody else? Nope? Just a weird misfiring neuron in my brain then. Super productive day on my end. Got a ton of work and chores done worked out and ate well and had time to actually do some creative work today. Hopefully I’ll keep that going for TWO FULL DAYS. For now however I’ve got quite a few links that I think you guys will enjoy.

Contrafactual comics: Jay-Z meets Batman, Jack Kirby meets My Little Pony
I first saw this one at io9 but they used the My Little Pony comic as their hook and it didn’t interest me at all. A Batman/Jay-Z teamup comic however is something that I’ve been waiting for basically my entire life. Also also, I’m declaring the ones on that comic cover to be the canonical 99 problems.

Sometimes I Think About Reinstating The Comments System
I’ve been quitting a lot of online communities lately (and I’m planning to quit a few more) and this post by Warren Ellis does a really good job of pinpointing why. Before long basically every online commenting community where there’s relatively little oversite on behavior and a lot of premium put on seniority starts to look a hell of a lot like a high school with a weird fascination with Libertarianism. I’m sure there’s a better solution to the problem but at the moment the only thing I can think of that actually works is just rapidly jumping from one community to the next before the ossification sets in.

Makey Makey, A Kit for Connecting Everyday Objects to a Computer
Well I’ll be damned if this isn’t EXACTLY what the future looks like. Everything is connected to computers but in a weirdly low-rent, hacked together, DIY sort of a way.

Affordable Basics
This is a post I would have written if I were still writing Minimum Viable Wardrobe. Unfortunately my interests have shifted slightly toward “losing weight so all my clothes fit me again.” Either way I think after a last ditch attempt to get back down to the 32 waist I had ever so briefly I’ll be buying some new clothes at the end of the summer in one waist measurement or another and I’ll be glad that I have this around to figure out where I should be headed for this stuff.

Body Area Networking
If that last futuristic post wasn’t futuristic enough and that last Warren Ellis post wasn’t terrifying enough then YOU ARE IN LUCK. Body Area Networking you guys. A wireless standard specifically intended for use with devices that are either attached to your body or are INSIDE OF IT to help create a local area network of wearable and sub-dermal life-logging devices to help you keep track of everything you can think of.

A meta tumblr about cool single-topic tumblrs. Not a lot of updates here and I’m not sure how long it’ll manage to last but it’s worth a link in my opinion since it brought me Animals With Casts which is one of the most adorable animal related blogs I’ve ever seen considering that it consists entirely of pets that have suffered some sort of injury. If you just can’t deal with a picture of a corgi with a broken leg however may I direct your attention to The Brokers With Hands on Their Faces Blog.

Security researcher: I found secret reprogramming backdoors in Chinese microprocessors
Yesterday’s hilarious paranoid made for TV movie is today’s modern state of computer security. I’m not sure if this a legitimate thing (and I love Cory’s “I tried to Google for it and couldn’t find anything so instead of actually calling somebody I just thought I’d tell you it might be bullshit) but man is it ever plausible. Computer Security is currently “China is hacking everything and we mostly don’t care because we’re just posting it all to Facebook anyway.”

The No-Fuss Dessert Generator
From Mark Bittman, the maker of the The Everyday, Anytime Egg-Combination Generator, comes the final proof that I need to just go ahead and buy Mark Bittman’s food book.

Design Fiction: Avengers visual FX
The only thing I find genuinely interesting about this is the cost benefit analysis of all this stuff. I would have guessed that digitally reconstructing shit would be way cheaper than flying helicopters all over the city in the first place and, given that that isn’t true, I would have guessed that getting some quadcopters with decent cameras would be cheaper than either of those options and yet here we are digitally building the entirety of midtown manhattan (which, is it just me or has midtown been digitally mapped and built well over 100 times at this point? Probably time to just create an open 3D model of the city at this point.) for what probably amounts to less that 10 minutes of total screen-time in The Avengers.

The sordid history of a perfect poison
And now, a quick primer on discreetly poisoning people to death. Thanks Maggie Koerth-Baker!

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