Other Ten Percent 5/28/12

May 28 2012

I was going to skip OTP this week and spend that time coding up a new and improved website for OTP but then I talked over what I really wanted to do for it with Nikki and while there may be a longer overhaul later that would require more time just fixing up the wordpress blog so that it sucks less I could do in a day or two sooooo I’m going to do that. Still working out exactly what the new friday roundup post means for the week but at the moment I’m thinking that all videos longer than 10 minutes get held back for Friday along with any other non-internet media options and the roundup ebook file. Anyway here are links.

The modded musical Game Boys of Blip Festival
Oh man the modded gameboys were always my favorite thing about the chiptunes scene and I’m actually really angry this never occurred to me before.

Penguins playing with laserlight – 02 02 2012
Oh my God just when I thought Penguins couldn’t get any better it turns out that they are basically cats that are shaped like penguins.

Best Ever Nancy Drew Birthday Party
Hopefully I’ll be able to make a smooth transition from having my own elaborate theme parties to having elaborate theme parties for my kids.

Pocketable, Printable Mini-Book Designed to Help You Create or Remove Habits in 30 Days
I think I may give this one a try.

Watch six species of monkeys play six different synthesizers
The thesis statement here is that monkeys cannot play sythesizers but I think there are at least a couple of monkey jams here that would seem to contradict that idea.

Cognitive Democracy: networked-based decision making as an alternative to markets and “nudging”
I am not entirely certain that this actually makes me feel that optimistic because it’s basically saying “the paternalistic hand of the state has failed and the invisible hand of the free market has failed but it’s cool because we invented Reddit” and…no…no that is not cool. Going to need something better than that if we’re trying to pull this off.

Turn your MacBook eject key into a rimshot button
Possibly the single most important tutorial in the history of mankind.

A Guinea Pig’s Night at the Theater
Aaaaaaaaand now Sleep No More is adding an AR component to encourage people to return more. I kicked around a vaugely similar idea once for how to scale the show up but this is both stupider (the goggles are trying waaaay too hard for not enough pay off) and much smarter (Holy shit typewriter that audience members not in attendence can use to influence people actually at the show. Holy shit.) that the version I suggested. I’m kind of doubtful much will come of this long term for a few reasons after reading this but if something does I will totally be buying YET ANOTHER ticket to go see this.

Every one of Dean Pelton’s costumes from Community on a single poster
Oh Community, you will be missed.

If Tetris was a (stupid, Battleship-style) movie
I would go see this so much faster than I would ever watch Battleship it isn’t even funny.

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