Other Ten Percent 5/25/12

May 25 2012

So I’m not sure how to Format this so it’s more content heavy on my end because really all I’ve got for you today is a link. See–


That link. That link right there goes to a readlist page that will allow you to quickly and easily download all the longform articles from OTP into one formatted ebook file that you can look over yourself during the weekend. I decided to do this so everybody could just sort of roll that stuff into a big reading session later since they seemed to be doing that anyway but the result is that Friday now kinda feels like I’m not really writing OTP. So instead of doing thursday videos and friday archiving I think Friday will be both. It’ll be a roundup of all the longform stuff as a readlist that you can download at your leisure along with all the videos from the week you might want to see. Obviously this week I used up a lot of the videos I should have been saving for today but I still have a few videos that might be of interest to you. Don’t worry, they’re both super long.

Comedy Bang! Bang!, “Episode 102”
So because of how utterly bizarre it is Comedy Bang Bang has long been my favorite comedy podcast (though if the Pod F. Thompcast would show up a little more often) and now it’s an IFC show that’s kept the show’s format to a surprising degree while adding a lot of visual jokes and also Reggie Watts. I’m not sure everybody will enjoy it as much as I do and even I think it was probably a mistake to watch it at 1 in the morning because it walks dangerously close to nightmare fuel at a few points but it’s still probably the summer show I’m most excited to see and now we can watch it early. Yay!

Double Fine Adventure Episode 1
So since I was going by Double Fine for The Cave announcement party thing (I had a beer and talked about Diablo III with friends in front of a bunch of Brutal Legend art will Tim Schafer walked by and we were all too nervous to talk to him. Living the dream! The meek meek dream.) I decided to take a look at all the Double Fine Adventure content I had access to from donating to their Kickstarter and I was shocked to learn that not only was the 2PP stuff up to their typical quality it was also SUPER LONG. Like 22 minutes an episode long. Which is a ridiculous value considering that you can still buy in as a slacker backer and get a full documentary series that’s 22 minutes an episode and a full game for $15. I know I’m selling this super hard but you have to understand that since the TV season is over this is probably the best 22 minutes of video I’ve watched since the Community finale. Luckily you don’t have to believe me since with the release of the second episode of the series they opened the first episode up to the public and you can watch it yourself.

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