Other Ten Percent 5/24/12

May 24 2012

A rather slow day today save for a trip down to the Double Fine offices in the evening for mysterious secret reasons and a little bit of time playing with a multi-button gaming mouse when I got home. Sometimes the life of a freelance game/tech writer is good times. Anyway let’s get this links on the internet show on the road. I decided to go for a concentrated OTP instead of doubling up today but that means there’s a lot of links here I’m a big fan of.

Facebook IPO seized by post-capitalist High Frequency Tractor Beam
So besides the schadenfreude of the Facebook IPO kinda exploding (which is weird schadenfreude because it punished everybody but the people you kinda didn’t want getting super rich out of the whole thing) the main story of the whole thing that I think nobody is paying attention to is all the weird robo-trading stuff around it. I continue to find high frequency trading to be just the most bizarre thing.

Behind the Scenes of the Day
Between this, the animated gif online posters and the freaking Wes Anderson PLAYLIST over at Pitchfork Jane and I have pretty much agreed that whoever is running advertising for Moonrise Kingdom is a friggin genius. Also I am going to go see this movie like woah. AVClub says it’s his best since Tannenbaums.

Spoiler: Indie after-the-zombies movie
I don’t know what’s making it all come together but it really feels like this is the year internet created video starts getting good enough to start fucking with TV’s shit.

Catatumbo lightning
So there is a near constant lightning storm at the mouth of a river in Venezuala and I somehow failed to learn about it and write a story that ends with people battling to the death on a boat under it until now? There is no justice.

The stunning packaging design for Arduino products
Despite both of us having a spare Arduino board just sitting around from projects we never assembled Nikki and I came really close to buying an extra at Maker Faire just because the packaging was so damned cool. I’m not sure quite what it means that the DIY scene seems to have hired some really rocking designers lately (Makerbot’s materials and even their new model have a real sense of design about them as well) but boy was that one of the unspoken themes at the faire this year.

The Creepiest Haunted House in Silicon Valley
These last two links were right next to each other on my RSS reader which is weird because we ended up going to Maker Faire last minute when we were originally going to make a day trip down to the Winchester Mystery House? Could this blog post have been guided by the ghosts of all the innocent victims of the Winchester rifle who wanted to make sure I still went down there? No. Because ghosts are not real and Sarah Winchester was just crazy for rather understandable reasons. It’s weird how that’s actually scarier though.

How the Chicken Conquered the World
Another one of those posts I had to see around several times before I actually gave it a fair shake and, as it turns out, I should have looked at it sooner because the history of the chicken is actually intensely interesting.

Drawings of the LHC in the style of Leonardo da Vinci
The drawings are awesome enough but the little anecdote that goes along with it is amazing.

Webcomics Roundup
brb, going to go get knuckle tattoos that say “Lets Bowl.”

David Makes With the Words Happening
This week has been relatively calm after the two previous weeks of some pretty heavy writing. If it’s after 6am pacific when you’re reading this though then you can head over here to see what I was at Double Fine for.

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