Other Ten Percent 5/23/12

May 23 2012

Sorry for the late address this evening everybody. My roommate came home late and started talking shakespeare with me and I decided that was strangely more important that OTP but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you guys anymore in fact I kind of have a plan based upon a pattern that I’ve noticed over the past months. Based on some tweets and a few conversations I’ve noticed that a lot a lot of OTP readers have been reading the blog in chunks after a week or two. If only there was some sort of tool to facilitate doing that.


From now on I think Friday will be a digest of the longform stuff I’ve linked to earlier in the week as a Readlist with a summary of why I think these things are worth reading. I’ll also probably have Thursday be a summary of videos that are worth watching. Except this week where Thursday will be combination of the the links from today and tomorrow. Anyway this will be a thing that starts happening and I’m sorry it isn’t already happening.

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