Other Ten Percent 5/22/12

May 22 2012

Did you know: the average american household uses over 300 rolls of toilet paper a year. I have no idea if that is true or not but for some reason starting with a fun fact seems to be the new thing so I thought I’d just do that. I am starting to do some coding work for more than just fun and I am impostor syndroming out pretty hard about it. I’m not quite ready to show you guys what it is yet (super hard with the impostor syndrom you guys) but I’ll tell you this: as soon as I’ve got the free time I’m going to code up an alternative delivery method for OTP because this place has needed renovation for YEARS and WordPress can pretty much fuck right off. Oh hey I’m supposed to tell you guys about links aren’t I? Nah I think I’m just going to listen to the new Beach House album and chill out. Maybe watch some Supernatural because even though it’s totally a poor man’s Buffy I could use some TV that DOESN’T remind me how good Joss Whedon is. We get it dude. Leave some genre fiction for the rest of us. Man, now that I wrote that I’m tempted to actually follow through on it but I have all these links that I collected so I’d might as well just go with it.

Drunk Dungeon: hangover report
Okay so this game itself sounds pretty incredible but I have kinda developed a crush on this whole website after looking around the place. I mean when they introduce themselves as the maker of the best iOS game ever about Opera I am totally onboard.

Hot Chip’s channels Mork from Ork in this bewildering new Egg fetish music video
I kind of love how confused all the commenters are by this as if it weren’t totally bizarre by design. “Let’s have Reggie Watts flying an egg spaceship in this Hot Chip video.” “Why?” “Exactly!”

Selected Data Visualization Tools
Oh man I should have saved my fact for this post. Somebody create infographics of all my made up facts. Wait no. Just have me and Jane play the fact game for like 20 minutes and create infographics of all the best ones. whyaminotamillionaireyet.tumblr.com

MAKIES is alpha …
Aaaaand this is why nobody ever asks how we’ll manage to teach our kids to ignore the distinction between the physical and virtual worlds.

I love it when BLDGBlog is accidentally a pitch for a really awesome movie and it has absolutely no idea that that’s the case. I mean, the title alone.

What to call those weird stairs that lead nowhere on the side of your building
Two weird architecture posts in a row: deal with it. This one is kind of a new favorite though because in SF especially once you know about this you can’t stop seing it everywhere.

A sneak peek of the new architecture-obsessed Batman graphic novel
BAM, 3X architecture post combo. With Batman multiplier. NEW HIGH SCORE. Yes I would be interested in a Batman story with a bunch of art inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, how did you know? Did you ask literally anyone who has ever met me?

StepStats Offers Better Statistics for Your Fitbit
I was too lazy to do this but I took one look at fitbit’s official interface and figured somebody else would do it. Also it’s going to get weird when the self-quantification industry realizes it’s actually the data visualization industry since the hardware is really not going to be where the innovation comes from.

Staring Into the Sun
This is really just an excuse to say that I went out during the eclipse yesterday and it was SUPER WEIRD because it was like I had sunglasses on and I couldn’t take them off. Things weren’t just slightly darker it was like part of the spectrum had just disappeared because…it had.

Futuristic products, as envisioned in 1944 (16 images)
All aerodynamic death traps all the time. I do dig the totally unworkable helicopter designs there though.

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