Other Ten Percent 5/24/10

May 24 2010

It is Monday now and my like is at least 70% less stressful than it has been. Okay it is not Monday yet actually for me but I’m going to pretend like it is. Boy, that Lost finale sure was…enigmatic?

*Mashups* *Research*
Feed the Animals
“But David”, you are saying “Feed the Animals is a super old album at this point. Like..two years old THAT IS POSSITIVELY ANCIENT.” Yes it is, but this website which exhaustively pops up EVERY SINGLE SAMPLE used in Feed the Animals while it’s playing and lets you listen to each of the sampled songs is new and super awesome.

*Animation* *Video*
Meet Meline
Okay this is just ridiculously pretty looking.

*Robots* *Cryptozoology*
Robots Hunt for Loch Ness Monster
Oh what do we have here? A new contender for the BEST HEADLINE I’VE EVER READ.

*Art* *Detectives*
Robert Fawcett
Robert Fawcett is awesome and helped set the standards for noir aesthetics as well as our modern view of what Sherlock Holmes looks like. Feel free to name drop him at parties.

*Music* *New York*
Street Pianos Head to NYC
Is it just me or is Mayor Bloomberg’s entire term right now dedicated to a large scale version of my proposed senior prank where we came in a beautify the school in the dead of night to see how people react? It really seems like he’s ushering in a fascist state in Manhattan just to have better parks programs which is terrifying and awesome at the same time.

*Science* *Food*
How Does Sugar Explode?

*New York* *Pranks*
NYC Sidewalk with a Tourist Lane
Seriously, I think Bloomberg did this it totally seems like his style lately.

*Architecture* *Wheels*
Roll it: Topsy Turvy Modular Housing
Although it fails on the basic housing test of protecting you from the elements it’s still pretty rad.

*Japan* *Conceptual Art*
Japanese Conceptual “Immortality Artist” Who Designed Anti-Death Buildings Has Died
For those keeping track at home the score is now Death:10 to 15 trillion – Humanity: zero.

Webcomics Roundup
There was a really good Wonderella this weekend but I had to cut it because Kate Beaton was about pirates. Pirates you guys!

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