Other Ten Percent 3/12/10

Mar 12 2010

Good morning everyone. I have a busy day ahead of me so I’m knocking this out early. Or at least that is my DEVIOUS PLAN. Let’s see how well it works. SPOILER ALERT: It worked really well.

*Video Games* *Music*
NES Harmonicas Hit eBay, Three Lucky Gamers Cheer
I kinda want to go to an 8-bit show with one of these and call out the worst guy at the show with it.

*Architecture* *Sustainability*
Self-Sufficient Underwater Skyscraper Harvests Renewable Energy to Grow its Own Food
It is shocking how much I want to live in the ocean considering how much I don’t really like the beach.

*Bears* *Video*
Exhausting the Entire Problem Space of Animated Teddy-Bears, Cars, People and Pidgeons
Most accurate title ever.

*Cars* *History*
EV Grey and the “Fuelless Engine” Fascination Car
I for one am very fascinated.

*Design* *Science*
This Tablecloth Wants you to Spill Things on it
Why they are not marketing this to every family with kids on earth I will never know…unless it has to be wine in which case okay that kinda makes sense.

*Infographics* *History*
Chart Showing the Ratio of Church Accommodation
Infographics really sucked to make in the past.

*Animation* *Video*
The Light of Life
Is pretty.

*Science* *History*
Vintage Popsci: Volcano Bombs, Yubiwaza & More
We should bomb Japan’s volcanoes to explode the nation FROM UNDERGROUND. Oh Popular Science: where popular means “bad.”

*Audio* *Science Fiction*
Listen to Radium Age Science Fiction Classics
I am a sucker for basically anything with a Theramin.

Webcomics Roundup
Drawn has a little bit on The Realist, which is a really great comic.

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