Other Ten Percent 5/21/12

May 21 2012

Getting this one out the door quickly so I can get back to work on some other projects. Forgive me if this is kinda scatered as well. Elaine is in the living room talking with a friend and you can kinda hear everything that goes on in that room even wearing headphones and it makes it somewhat hard to think. It doesn’t make it hard to find links on the internet though thank God.

Fake Twitter of the Day
Okay this is inspired. I think my favorite is “Siri, cancel my stand-up tonight at open mic. Also, where can I get balloon animal-making lessons?”

Lazy Sunday 2
So with Samberg and Kristen Wiig and probably at least 2-3 others gone it looks like next season will be one of the weird transitional SNL seasons. Those are usually the ones to actually bother watching (the last one of those we had saw the birth of Digital Shorts with the first Lazy Sunday). I might give it a try considering I won’t have Community to take up my time and I’ll basically just be watching 30 Rock to get to see if they finally let Liz Lemon progress now that they have an end date. Anyway Lazy Sunday 2 manages to actually update the original without falling flat on its face and it, along with the very sweet final goodbye sketch which wasn’t really all that funny, was probably the highlight of SNL’s season finale.

Maker Faire 3D Printer Census
Nikki and I ended up going to Maker Faire on Saturday and GOOD CHRIST were there a lot of 3D printers there. I mean there were quite a few when I went back in 2009 but it seemed like every other booth had a Makerbot. To the degree that I didn’t really notice we were at the Makerbot booth because THEY HAD LESS MAKERBOTS ON HAND THAN AT LEAST 3 OTHER BOOTHES. I guess this is the year the DIY community just all decided they were going to position 3D printers as THE indispensable DIY tool.

Law & Order & Food, A Blog Featuring Law & Order Characters Eating
In the criminal justice system, people gotta eat.

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012
Was going to just skip all the graduation speeches this year but this one actually made me happy so I decided to keep it in.

Meet the entire cast of 1950s greaser Batman’s Gotham City
I would watch the hell out of a 50’s Batman animated series.

Østersøen, An Astonishing Paper Craft Animated Music Video
Astonishing bordering on terrifying.

How have I never heard about this before? Unless I have heard about it before in which case how did I forget about it?

The NY Times’ first restaurant critic
The origins of the food critic.

Censorship Towel Cleverly Pixelates Your Body in Real Life
Man the new aestheticness of this almost outweighs the gimmick-y ness. Almost.

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