Other Ten Percent 5/18/12

May 18 2012

Well I beat Diablo III. Maybe now I can actually spend some time playing it. hit me up on my gMail address if you want to play some games. Let’s make this the last time I ever talk about the game up here in the opening section. I’d say the last time I talk about it in OTP but I’m going to be writing about it for PCWorld and linking those articles and once the real money auction house shows up there’s going to be all kinds of weird virtual economy discussions to have.

Why The Avengers is the best TV show in movie theaters
When I read the headline I figured this would be the newest installment in “The AVClub movie reviewers explain why only art films count.” Turns out it’s Todd VanDerWerff and he doesn’t mean it as a diss. Once more he’s TOTALLY RIGHT. I’d be happy enough with that but the analysis goes way deeper than “episodic storytelling” when discussing what movies are cribbing from TV and it’s all really smart stuff. Special bonus points for reminding me that the argument into upside-down shot of an item on a table bit was cribbed from the penultimate episode of Angel. That’s been bugging me for two weeks now.

Lights Out
come for the After Effects gimicks, stay for an inspired closing bit.

Daniel Xiao
I feel like it’s been quite a while since I did a generic “here is some pretty concept art” post. I’ve missed doing it though and hopefully you guys have missed looking at it.

Is Fashion Ready for a New Aesthetic?
Answer: no and if it was that would kinda miss the point now wouldn’t it?

Google’s Augmented-Reality Headset Won’t Offer Full-Vision Data Overlays
So we’re neck deep in the AR trough of disillusionment now and people are grabbing on to something, anything that gives them that same feeling of momentum that AR had 2 years ago when you could still freak out a whole room of people just by telling them the idea of Augmented Reality. But man, Google’s AR glasses are totally a false AR messiah if you ask me and I’m glad to see an article that does a good job of explaining exactly why. AR goggles are neat and I certainly wouldn’t bet against wearing a pair before the decade is out but it still feels like AR needs to do the irritating hard part of coming up with a use case that will actually get people excited instead of jumping on shiny new hardware to distract people from the fact that AR currently seems like a really byzantine replacement for a map most of the time.

The most profitable asteroid is…
I miss space you guys. I have never actually been to space but I still somehow have this weird feeling of loss whenever I think about it anymore. I was just listening to Warren Ellis talk about how he thinks the answer to the Fermi paradox is that life is essentially impossible except at the very outer reaches of galaxies and we’re never going to meet another alien species because if they even exist at all they’re far enough away that light from the dawn of civilization is just getting to them and now suddenly space looks kinda like this. We’re suddenly trying to psyche ourselves up by saying we could make money by visiting boring space that isn’t even very far away? I’m sad now. I made myself sad.

Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food [Hardcover]
Now I feel slightly better.

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence
And here is a nice little video about how creativity works. (Hint: if you think it’s magic you’re dumb.)

Webcomics Roundup
I do not have a Hernia but I’m still T-Rex.

Word Write Time Fun Hour With David
Hey so I’ve been writing a lot of words for PCWorld lately some of them are even about Diablo III like this guide to the classes in the game for people who have never heard of it somehow and also this thing about online services that have shitty opt-out pages.

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