Other Ten Percent 5/11/12

May 11 2012

Okay so today was a weird but productive day that seems to be leading into a weird but productive weekend. I’ve also been watching the 4th season of Eureka on Netflix which continues to be a charming if imperfect show. That’s…that’s really the sum total of my updates.

There is only one Cloud Icon in the Entire Universe
I find the exploration of the golden ratios in the cloud icon fascinating (though, Nikki: confirm/deny) in general however I just like them pointing out something I never noticed before that is now totally obvious.

Soundcloud Comment Hider
I’m mostly adding this one to the list because I have no idea where it came from. Seriously I think I got it off of Twitter but then I couldn’t located the tweet it came from. It helps that any Soundcloud user would find this extension SUPER useful.

Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Animaniacs
It is physically impossible to present more information than I have wanted to know about Animaniacs.

Inside The New York Times Newsroom Archive
Well this is both fascinating and gorgeous. It’s mostly just abstractly but I do really enjoy paper archives on occasion.

The Making of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”
There’s a minor Mad Men spoiler here if you haven’t seen the newest episode but I still think it’s worth it because this is actually pretty fascinating.

Welcome to the Future Nauseous
Why the future doesn’t constantly leave us terrified and why it’s potentially going to start constantly terrifying you very soon.

Showtime: Mapping Festival 2012
Holy shit this video makes me very very happy. Anybody got the funds to send me to Geneva for ten days starting…now.

4kb of code generated this amazing video
I don’t have the time to check out how they’re cheating (best guess, video editing tricks) but there’s no way this whole thing was ACTUALLY produced by just 4k worth of data. Even if, as I suspect, that just refers to the 3D modeling this is still really impressive.

Augmented Awareness & Reality Games, ARE2012
I almost went to this but then I decided that with them live-streaming it and me needing to line up a way to actually get there I could just skip it. Kind of regretting the decision after reading this.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex has the best idea ever and I hope that T-Rex’s real world counterpart (not me, the other one) Ryan North actually follows through on it.

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